Don’t Miss
GNPA’s Natural Expressions Photography Exhibit
at the Alpharetta Arts Center!

Show opens, Monday January 13

Reception January 25th from 5-7 pm



Fantastic images from GNPA members
at three experience levels (student, novice, and experienced)
will be on display.


Details to remember…

  • Images will be hung January 9-11.
  • The exhibit opens January 13th.
  • Winners will be announced during the Jan. 25th reception, from 5-7 pm.
  • The exhibit will be open to the public through March 6th.


Categories include landscape, macro/closeup, wildlife,
fine art, and conservation photography.


The Alpharetta Arts Center is a beautiful venue–and the location of the Alpharetta GNPA chapter’s monthly meetings.

Come join the fun and help us celebrate our fellow GNPA photographers’ beautiful work.

71 GNPA members submitted 349 images.  That’s an average of 5 images per entrant.

The final round judges had a heck of a time choosing finalist and winners:

  • Eric Bowles judged Landscapes
  • David Akoubian, Wildlife
  • Tom Simpson, Macro
  • Anna DeSteafno, Fine Art
  • Tom Wilson, Conservation

Come support another


Georgia Nature Photographers Association exhibit!


Don’t forget to thank Lee Friedman and everyone else
from the Alpharetta Chapter,
who made this magical show possible.


to all our exhibited
artists and winners!




Tell me you didn’t miss our 2019 Smokies Weekend!


Image Credit: Trip Leader Jenny Burdette

2 Organizers
+ 7 Field Trip Leaders
+ 57 Registered Attendees =
a “Great Job” (Skip Kazamarek,

and a “Wonderful Time” (Jenny Burdette),

and a “Fabulous time once again” (Steve Laymen).


We SO appreciate everyone who joined us in Townsend for our four-day-weekend, November photography trip!

There was so much to see and experience and capture as we explored the Great Smoky Mountains, including favorite locals such as Cades Cove and Elkmont and Tremont and beyond.

Image Credit: Trip Leader Horace Hamilton

So many fabulous images were captured. Many were shared through our Smokies Weekend Competition–winners in each category and our Grand Prize Winner all received fantastic gift cards as their prizes. Look for future blog posts spotlighting each category!

We’ve also collected images for our GNPA Facbook Page Album–be sure to check them out on our GNPA Facebook Page.

Image Credit: Trip Leader Anna DeStefano

A special shout out goes to Art Stiles, our Griffin Chapter coordinator, who says he is, “…so looking forward to next year. I managed to get eight of the Griffin chapter members to attend this year, and I expect to increase that next year, after everyone hears what a great time we all had.”

Image Credit: Mary Stiles

An exciting trend: we had TONS of first-time attendees this year! We were honored to share with these “newbies” all the things we love best about the Great Smoky Mountains in November. We can’t wait to see everyone again next year, when we hope to welcome even more first-timers to one of our premiere annual membership events.

Image Credit: Trip Leader Horace Hamilton

Speaking of which… Drum roll please…

Our 2020 Dates are already confirmed!

Join us next year, so you don’t miss out on the fun!


GNPA’s 2020 Smokies Photography Weekend

November 5-8, 2020
Townsend, Tennessee
Lodging: the Highland Manor Inn


Image Credit: Mary Stiles



GNPA Alpharetta Chapter – Natural Expressions Photo Competition

GNPA Alpharetta Chapter – Natural Expressions Photo Competition

This is the Alpharetta Chapter’s first photo competition. It is open to all members of GNPA of all chapters. This competition will include a gallery show at the Alpharetta Arts Center including a reception.

Download Full Information

In order to make the competition much more inclusive of less experienced photographers, we have three classifications of entrants:

  • Student:This classification is open to middle, high school and college students in Alpharetta. These images will not have awards but the best of them will be hung at the Alpharetta Arts Center. You do not have to be a GNPA member to submit.
  • Novice:This classification is open only to photographers who have never won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any GNPA competition.
  • Experienced:This classification is for those who have won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any GNPA competition. Photos that have won in previous GNPA competitions are excluded from entry into this competition.

Each category will have a Novice and Experienced 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner


  1. Landscape…does not include macro but may include either grand landscapes or intimate landscapes
  2. Macro/Closeup…close ups of any natural subject (pets or domesticated animals are excluded). 1:1 is not required but images should represent extreme close-ups.
  3. Wildlife…photos of any non-domestic animals excluding macro.
  4. Fine Art…Images in this category will be more interpretive than photo realistic. You have full freedom to use any in camera or post capture processing techniques. Subjects may include any naturally occurring element.
  5. Conservation photography goes beyond ordinary landscape and wildlife photography, being instead that particular kind of evocative, emotion-laden photography that inspires action to protect and conserve the natural world. For example, conservation photos could include images of threatened and endangered species (as defined by the Endangered Species Act of 1973, see: Endangered species Or images illustrating habitat destruction and restoration. Each photograph is to include a narrative that explains the reason of the photographer for submitting that photo into this category. Conservation Photos must have been captured during 2018 and 2019 in Georgia or bordering states.

Any post processing tools are permitted but images should retain a natural appearance. The photographer must disclose if any content was added or deleted from the image as well as any photos of captive animals (add that information when you email your submission). All photos should be made following good ethical field practices for nature photography.

Submission Deadlines and Cost:

  • Entries Begin: Monday, October28TH , 2019
  • Entry deadline:  11:00pm Monday, December 2ND , 2019. 
  • Finalists will be notified if their picture is to be hung by Email on Dec. 13TH , 2019
    • Pictures must be received by January 6th 2020 to be hung
    • Finalists will be given instructions with their notification
  • There will be a reception at the Alpharetta Arts Center on Jan. 25TH 2020 from 5-7 PM
  • Winners will be announced on Jan. 25TH 2020 at the reception
  • You may enter up to 6 images but not more than 2 in any single category.

Submission guidelines: 

  • Submit entries electronically by 11:00pm Monday, December 2ND , 2019 to You must be a current GNPA member of any chapter at the time your entries are submitted unless you are a student .
  • No identification of the photographer may appear on the image itself. No watermarks, logos, etc…
  • In the “Experienced” classification, no images which have previously won any ribbon or award in a GNPA competition may be submitted.
  • Any aspect ratio is acceptable. Submitted images should be sized to 1200 pixels on the longest side, minimum of 96ppi. JPEG file format only for submissions.
  • Very important: Save a full resolution copy of your submitted image to use as the source for presentation in a slide show and critique if you are a winner.  You may add a watermark or copyright including your name to this full resolution file after saving the smaller version for submission.

Download Full Information

Naming should be as follows (follow these instructions carefully or your image may be disqualified):

Good luck to all