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**ANNOUNCEMENT: Natural Expressions Reception Change of Date and Time**

Call for Entries: Natural Expressions Competition – ONLY 7 MORE DAYS! Get your entries in ASAP!

DON’T BE SHY! We need more of you to participate. Even if you don’t win, your images are likely to be displayed in an Art Museum.


ALL MEMBERS, give it a shot! 

Try something wild (all puns intended)! 


The Alpharetta Arts Center will host a Photography Competition and Exhibit organized by the Alpharetta Chapter of Georgia Nature Photographer’s Association (GNPA) to promote the arts in our community.

In partnership with the Alpharetta Arts Center, the Georgia Nature Photography Association – Alpharetta Chapter is organizing a 2ND Natural Expressions Competition and Exhibit. The categories for this are:

  • Fine Art
  • Birds
  • Macro/Close-up
  • Wildlife
  • Scapes

The event is open to GNPA members only. It will highlight nature and wildlife to educate people about the natural world. This exhibition at the Alpharetta Arts Center includes a reception.


Submissions Open: August 5

Submissions Close: August 26

Exhibiting Images Announced: August 31

Framed Images due at Alpharetta Arts Center: September 21

Reception and Winners Announced: October 8 5PM at the Alpharetta Arts Center

Exhibit: September 26- October 28


In order to make the competition more inclusive for less experienced photographers, we have three classifications of entrants:

  • Advanced Division:A more experienced member who has PLACED in the top 3 or Best of Show awards in 3 or more photography competitions, not just GNPA competitions!
  •  Enthusiast Division:A member who considers themselves as a photographer hobbyist.  May have competed in previous photographic competitions but have PLACED in the top 3 or Best of Show awards in 1 or 2 photography competitions, not just GNPA competitions!
  •  Novice Division:A less experienced member, a beginner, who may have competed in but has never placed in any photographic competition, not just GNPA competitions!

Any photographer has the OPTION to compete in a division above their experience level.  For example, a Novice member can choose to compete in either the Enthusiast or Advanced Division.


  • Fine Art*: Images in this category will be more interpretive than photo realistic. You have full freedom to use any in camera or post capture processing techniques. Subjects may include any naturally occurring element. Example: composites, kaledescopes, effects images, etc…
  • Birds*: Includes all birds.
  • Macro/Micro*: Includes images of close-ups of any subject (for example: insect, animal, plant life, fungus….). Close-ups are intimate views, tightly framed, or close examinations of subjects in nature.
  • Wildlife*: Includes both land and sea animals.
  • Scapes: Includes landscape, intimate landscapes, plantscape, seascape, atmosphere, weather, astro etc.

*Domestic and captive birds, animals and sealife are not permited.

Each category will have a Novice, Enthusiast and Advanced 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner and may include some honorable mentions.


Kathy Adams Clark, Photographer, by Jeff Rose


We are honored to have this year‘s judge, Kathy Adams Clarke.

Kathy’s photos have been published in hundreds of places including Family Fun,, Nature’s Best, New York Times, Birder’s World, and Ranger Rick. AAA Journey, Texas Parks & Wildlife and Texas Highways magazines have used Kathy’s photos on their cover. Her photos have also appeared in a numerous books and calendars including the Barnes & Noble Ireland Countryside Calendar, the cover of the Arbor Foundation Rainforest Calendar, and the Sierra Engagement Calendar. Kathy’s photos of Houston were compiled into a calendar offered in Costco in 2016.

Kathy is Past-president of the North American Nature Photography Association. She teaches photography and is a popular speaker at local and national events, including GNPA.



To Download the Complete Rules for the Contest: CLICK HERE

To Enter the Contest:

  • Log In to your Member Portal and
  • Look for a Link to “2ND Natural Expressions Exhibit and Competition”.


Good luck to all

4th Annual OIWC/GNPA Photo Contest Winner Announcement!

4th Annual OIWC/GNPA Photo Contest Winner Announcement!

By Jamie Anderson.

Thanks again to our judges, Lisa and David, who have spent their time to make this contest happen and bring it to one of its most exciting parts… picking and announcing the winners. This contest is growing and we had over 170 entries in the contest this year so picking the winners was no easy task.

Lisa Langell, Lisa Langell Photography (

David Akoubian, Bear Woods Photography (

Thanks to all who entered the contest, for by doing so we can only improve and continue to challenge ourselves to do better.

Visit this link for a video of Lisa and David discussing the 1st Place winners in each category:

Here are the Finalists for each Category:

Found at Oatland Island

1st Place: “Red Shouldered Hawk”, Jackie Bedell

2nd Place: “The Buck Stops Here”, Jamie Anderson

3rd Place: “Eagle Buddies”, Jamie Anderson

Honorable Mention: “Marsh View”, Ruth McCully

Honorable Mention: “Ossabaw Pig”, Lynne Daley

Honorable Mention: “Sleepy Fox”, Morey Gers


1st Place: “Ossabaw”, William Harrell

2nd Place: “Fall in the Coniferous Swamp”, Vivian Lynch

3rd Place: “Woodstorks at Spoonbill Pond”, Gary Bowlick

Honorable Mention: “Dune Patrol”, Donna Taylor

Honorable Mention: “Sandscape with Oyster Catcher”, Bill Lutin

Honorable Mention: “Whirlpool Sunrise”, Jamie Anderson


1st Place: “Milkweed Pod”, Morey Gers

2nd Place: “Spotted Skimmer”, Morey Gers

3rd Place: “Sand”, Nicolette Dunn

Honorable Mention: “Lotus Blossom with Pod”, Jackie Bedell

Honorable Mention: “Namibia Golden Sands”, Bill Lutin

Honorable Mention: “Magnolia Grandifloral’, Jackie Bedell


1st PLACE AND BEST IN SHOW: “Dancing Egrets”, Debbie Staley

2nd Place: “A Pink Party of Three”, Debbie Staley

3rd Place: “Gliding In”, Betty Walden

Honorable Mention: “In the Moss”, Betty Walden

Honorable Mention: “Skimming the Surface”, Bill Lutin

Honorable Mention: “Tricolored in the Cattails”, Jamie Anderson

View all of the winning photos in our Gallery: CLICK HERE (Coming Soon!)


More Helpful Reviews by Lisa Langell:

Review: Wood Duck Takeoff from Horton Pond:  Bill Lutin

Review: Barred Owl – William Harrell

Review: Munching Moss – Robbie Medler

Review: Who’s eating who – Gary Bowlick

Review: What a hug – Maria Fernandez

Review:  Macro Frog – Lynne Daley

Review:  Camelia – Ruth McCully

Review:  Red Clover – William Harrell

Review:  Milkweed – Maria Fernandez

Review:  Dew Drops – Susan Culpepper

Review:  Driftwood in Sand – Nicolette Dunn

Photo Competition Galleries

Outstanding Photography and Talent Deserves Recognition

The following galleries showcase the winning images from some of our previous photo competitions and events.

OIWC/GNPA 4th Annual Photo Competition Winners

OIWC/GNPA 4th Annual Photo Competition Winners

OIWC/GNPA 4th Annual Photo Competition Winners 2022

GNPA Expo ’22 Photo Contest Winners.

GNPA Expo ’22 Photo Contest Winners.

GNPA Expo ’22 Photo Contest Winners.