6th Annual “Stand in Ansel Adams Footsteps” Juried Competition & Exhibition

6th Annual “Stand in Ansel Adams Footsteps” Juried Competition & Exhibition

Held at The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning


Another BIG year planned for 2021! The 6th Annual “Stand in Ansel Adams Footsteps” photographic competition will return to The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning a 8-week exhibition. This year’s exhibit will run from February 20th until April 17th, 2021 in The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning, Georgia Galley.

Concept and goal remain to shoot in Black & White (monochrome) to emulate as close as you can the style, look and feel of Ansel Adams work. OPEN to any current GNPA member.

Enthusiast and Novice Divisions and 3 Categories (Landscape, Macro / Close Up & Open). Entry Fees:  Per entry $5.00 each.  Maximum of 3 entries per a single Category or a maximum total of 9 entries.

For the first time we will have more than ribbons, certificates, and bragging rights!  A Best of Show will be awarded from across all categories. Each category will have a First, Second, and Third Place. Honorable Mention will be awarded at discretion of our judge, up to 4 in each category.  Coupons and Gift Cards to winners.

A good photograph is knowing where to stand

Ansel Adams

We are incredibly pleased and fortunate to have Charlotte Gibb as our judge this year. Charlotte Gibb is an award-winning and renowned nature and landscape photographer.   Known for her mastery of “Intimate Landscapes” — small scenes derived from a big large landscape with an eye for the subtle and sometimes overlooked beauty of nature.

To view work by Charlotte Gibb, go to www.charlottegibb.com. Her thoughts on black and white photography can be read on her blog – Charlotte Gibb

DOWNLOAD the Full Prospectus of Rules & Instructions here: 6th 'Stand in Ansel Adams Footsteps' PROSPECTUS Rules & Instructions - Rev 210120


Log into the member section to register and pay for your entries in the Competitions section.

This year we will have several changes to the details for the competition & exhibit, so keep watch.

Chattahoochee Nature Center – Winter Gallery Exhibition/Competition

Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) and our partner, the Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) are pleased to announce a new photography exhibit coming up.  Each quarter, the CNC selects a theme for their nature programs.  This quarter, the theme is Winter Wonders.

Our theme for the photo exhibit is titled simply “Winter”.  Twenty-four (24) images that best evoke the feeling of winter will be selected to be exhibited in the CNC River Resource Gallery in Roswell, Georgia.

The contest is open to members of GNPA.  If you are not a member you can join today by going to the GNPA website.

Join the GNPA

Entering the contest/exhibition:   Entry for the contest will be through the GNPA website.   Sign-in to the Member home page and look for the announcement and link below your member badge.

There is a $5.00 fee for each entry.  Your images do not need to be re-sized for entry.  Your photos do not need to be renamed.  We recommend formatting your photo as sRGB and jpg.

Photographers with images that have been selected for the exhibition will be notified by November 11, 2020.

While a photographer may enter any number of images that evoke the feeling of winter, but a maximum of two images by any photographer will be selected.  Contest winners will need to frame their images at their own cost in solid black frames with acrylic glazing and white mats, details to be provided later.  Photos must be delivered to the Chattahoochee Nature Center by 11:00 am on December 3, 2020.

Judging:  Images will be reviewed to make sure they fit competition rules.  Images will be judged on the basis of overall photographic excellence and how they evoke feelings of winter.

Photographs must meet the following requirements:

1:  This Contest/Exhibit is open only to nature photography images. Images of other subjects will be excluded.

2:  Images must have been taken in Georgia or contiguous states.  There is no restriction on when the photo was taken.  The image does not have to have snow or ice but should invoke thoughts of winter – bare trees, winter grasses, frosty grasses or blooms, snow frosted wildlife, etc.  No captive or domestic subjects and minimal “hand of man”.

3:  Submissions may not have been previously exhibited at CNC.

4:  Composite and panoramic images are specifically not allowed. Normal post processing plus minor edits or corrections are allowed. Images should represent what was actually seen in the field.:

5:   Contest winners will need to frame their images at their own cost in solid black frames with acrylic glazing and white mats, details to be provided later.


Submissions:  now to November 8th (11:59 p.m.) 

November 11th, 2020:   Photographers with selected photos will be notified 

December 3, 2020:  Gallery installation

Current Projects

Current Projects

Submission Guidelines

  • Photos may come from archives or new shots
  • Submit photos as jpg.
  • Remember to title each jpg as follows: GNPA-Partner Org-Subject-YourName   Example: GNPA-PPC-RedTailHawk-JohnSmith.jpg
  • If you see one of your photos on our partners’ social media feed or brochures or other marketing materials, send us a screen shot so we can show it on the GNPA FaceBook page!   Email to Alfie.Wace@gmail.com and let her know where it was published.  Example:

Current Conservation Photography Opportunities

Friends of Georgia State Parks (Friends) – Wide assortment of shots from any of Georgia’s state parks, including landscape, macro, wildlife, recreation.  Contact Jenny Burdette at cons_friends@gnpa.org

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – Ongoing need for wildlife, trees, wildflowers, etc. that are native to Georgia and any shots of recreation in Georgia at DNR properties, especially the WRD (Wildlife Resources Division) sites.  For a Specific Shot List: Contact John Kelly at cons_dnr@gnpa.org

Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation (KGBF) – Ongoing need for seasonal shots of flowers, landscapes, wildlife, both urban and rural.  Contact John Kelly at cons_kgbf@gnpa.org

Piedmont Park Conservancy (PPC) – Contact Clay Fisher at cons_PPC@gnpa.org.  Suggested venues are:                   

2020 September-October Photo Calendar:

Scheduled weekday shoot:

Saturday shoots:

Open Times Photography Opportunities:


  • Dog Parks – general park area (including dogs)
  • Active Oval skyline
  • Wide views of Oak Hill
  • Group shots – only if people are spread out in Park (must look like people are distancing)
  • People wearing masks
  • Front Lawn
  • Peregrine Point
  • Lake Gazebo
  • Park Drive bridge
  • Active Oval
  • Fall colors (late October)

Specifics plants:

  • Beautyberry

Always needed:

Diversity in photos (age, ethnicity, attire); Runners, walkers, bikers, skaters, scooters, fishing, sports, picnics, kites, families, bench sitting, all birds, ducks, squirrels, turtles, bugs.

Monuments- there are monuments throughout the park. Once we have these images we can tell a story about them.

Contact Clay Fisher at cons_PPC@gnpa.org for model releases if you choose to photograph visitors


Get involved today!

Contact the Conservation Committee’s volunteer coordinator at cons_Volunteers@gnpa.org for more information about these and other opportunities.

Creating a Horizontal Image from a Vertical Image for the Internet

Creating a Horizontal Image from a Vertical Image for the Internet

Sometimes you will have a vertical image but it needs to be converted to a 1080 pixel wide horizontal image with a 4:3 aspect ratio for posting on Meetup and the GNPA website.  I’ll walk through the process.  This video from Matt Kloskowski helps to walk through the basic ideas.

Here is a vertical image:  We want to change this to a horizontal image for posting on Meetup and the GNPA website.

Start by Opening the Print Module in Lightroom.  Open the Layout panel on the left side of the screen.  I am creating the 8×6 User template so I can use it for this image and in the future.

First, create a Custom Layout with appropriate dimensions or a multiple of those dimensions.   Select the + to the Right of the Template Browser.  I am going to use 8 inches wide and 6 inches high for a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Add a single custom cell for the vertical image.  You can choose any of the cell size options and then adjust the size as needed.  I used 4.5 inches wide and 6 inches high – a 3:4 ratio that fills the 6 inch canvas height but that could be changed as needed.  Be sure to fill the page height if you want to avoid having excess white space.  You can use any size for the cell as long as it matches the height of your layout.  The sides will simply have white space.

Drag the photo into the cell.  Tweak the image dimensions on the page as needed so it fills the vertical dimension.  If you have a different dimension, make sure the height of the cell matches the height of your layout.

Go to the Page Panel and add a watermark for the photographer credit.

Open the Print Job panel.  Select Print to JPEG at top of panel.  Set PPI so the image width in inches times PPI is approximately 1080 pixels wide.  In this case it is 135 pixels which is 1080 pixels divided by the 8 inch width of the cell.  Choose Standard Sharpening and Glossy Output.  Choose Quality 70-80%.  Set custom file dimensions to 8 x 6 inches to maintain 4:3 aspect ratio.  Render as sRGB with Relative Colormetric.

Select Print to File at the bottom of the screen to create the JPEG.  Name the file as desired and put it in the desired folder.  Here is the resulting file.