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Natural Expressions 2022 Competition Winners

Natural Expressions 2022 Competition Winners

It is a pleasure to welcome everyone to the Alpharetta Arts Center Gallery and the GNPA Alpharetta Chapter gallery of “Natural Expressions 2022.” Our juried nature photography contest began in 2019 before the pandemic. We had to cancel our plans for subsequent contests due to the pandemic and the need for social distancing. We are delighted to be back once again this year to curate this exhibit created by photographers from GNPA chapters across the state of Georgia.

At the close of registration, we had 501 images submitted. Out of those images 174 have been selected as the best of the best and are on exhibit in the gallery. Our set of preliminary judges had the difficult task of selecting the images displayed here today. That panel consisted of Jenny Burdette, Lee Friedman, Marvin Price, and Larry Winslett. We thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to look at every image submitted and narrow them down to those on exhibit.

We also want to extend our special thanks to our Awards Judge: Kathy Adams Clark.

Kathy had the daunting task of judging 5 categories in 3 divisions, a total of at least 45 awards plus Best in Show and Honorable mentions. In all, she produced 59 awards. She worked tirelessly to review 174 images and to select first, second, and third-place winners in each category in each division. Kathy has also chosen 13 honorable mention winners and the Best of Show winner. We humbly thank her for all her hard work and expertise.

View The Winning Images            Download the list of Natural Expressions 2022 Competition Winners

We would also like to thank the Alpharetta Arts Center and specifically, Nancy Murphy, the Cultural Services Galleries Coordinator for her help in making this possible. I also want to thank Kim Zane, Cultural Services Manager for her support. Of course we thank Dave Palmieri at the Arts Center, and the staff and volunteers who helped us prepare for this exhibit.

Some GNPA members and their friends also volunteered. They gave their time and effort to get all the artwork you see up on these walls. They collaborated with Nancy and others to come up with a stellar layout for each wall to give you the best presentation possible. They are Michael Anderson, Ken and Pat Dunwoody, Shari Garnsey, Will Harrison, Henry Hene, Crystal Larson, John Wilson, and Tom Yackley. We thank them all.

Finally, the logistics coordinator helped to make things run smoothly and efficiently so everything went as it should. A special thanks to my wife, Brenda, for her guidance in making this event work. Her efforts made this all come together.

Come and Photograph Eagles in February with GNPA in Moline, Illinois

Come and Photograph Eagles in February with GNPA in Moline, Illinois

WHEN: 2/16 – 2/19, 2023
No other GNPA FEE to join us.
WHO: GNPA MEMBERS ONLY/ Any skill level

Come join your GNPA friends and travel with us to Moline, Illinois to photograph thousands of Eagles. The Eagles congregate on the Mississippi River every year to feed on the bountiful fish before continuing their arduous journey home. Other wildlife can also be seen such as Wild Geese, Ducks and White Pelicans.

We suggest arriving in Moline, IL on 2/16/2023 so you will be ready to start on Friday morning 2/17/2023. Returning to Quad City airport after a morning shoot ending at noon on 2/19/2023.
We will be visiting a variety of locations during our visit traveling up to 90 minutes away to many different shooting opportunities in the area.
Carpooling and sharing the expense of a car rental is recommended.

For equipment: Telephoto lenses with a range up to 500mm minimum. Tripod, extra batteries, rain gear (for wet snow), layers for a cold climate, hand warmers might be advisable and warm winter boots.
Specific hotel and flight details upon registration.

You must be a dues-paying member of GNPA to attend this event. Not a member? Go to to learn more about our organization and to join. We look forward to meeting you!

Most locations will be just a short walk from your vehicle. Ice and Snow can be treacherous on walkways and sidewalks, snow boots are recommended.
Hand warmers would be advisable.
Group size – 20 GNPA members. Waiting list once full.
Our guide will be another GNPA member Ray Silva who lives close to the area in Moline and knows all the best places to shoot.

Click here to review all the information.


Getting Creative with Motion and Multiples – A GNPA Statewide Webinar – September 21 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Getting Creative with Motion and Multiples – A GNPA Statewide Webinar – September 21 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

This event is for CURRENT GNPA members.
This is an ONLINE ONLY GNPA Webinar using Zoom.

If you are not a GNPA member, go to and please join. This is the ONLY way for you to register for the webinar.

To register:

  1. go to the GNPA website and login as a member.
  2. From your Member Home page scroll down to WEBINAR AND MEETING SCHEDULE AND REGISTRATION
  3. Click on the registration link that corresponds to this meeting
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from Zoom with the link to the webinar
  5. If you do not see the confirmation email within minutes, check your Junk folder.
  6. You will get 2 reminder emails, one the day before the event and one an hour before the webinar

DESCRIPTION: There are lots of techniques you can use to flex your creative muscles in the field and achieve interesting and unique results in camera. Using intentional camera motion and in-camera multiple exposures are two methods of creating images that invoke emotional responses different from what the straight shot is offering. They are also ways to “make the lemonade” when conditions are not ideal or as expected. In this session, Jamie will share how she uses both techniques and the thought process behind the choices. She will also share some practical tips for achieving best results.

BIO: Jamie Konarski Davidson is an award-winning freelance outdoor & nature photographer with a passion for capturing the intimate moments and beauty of the natural world. Her images range from macro and abstracts to intimate, grand and rural landscapes. Jamie is enamored with flowers of all kinds. In fact, if someone told her she could only photograph one subject for the rest of her life, it would be flowers. Her interpretive style reflects an intentional approach. Jamie leads photo workshops, teaches & presents at conferences and other events. Her goals are to educate, encourage and inspire, helping people grow skills, connect with subjects and see beyond the obvious to discover their visual voice. She has been an instructor/presenter with Out of Chicago, CanAm Conference, NANPA Summits, CNPA webinars, Mike Moats Macro Conference and more. Find Jamie at

4th Annual OIWC/GNPA Photo Contest Winner Announcement!

4th Annual OIWC/GNPA Photo Contest Winner Announcement!

By Jamie Anderson.

Thanks again to our judges, Lisa and David, who have spent their time to make this contest happen and bring it to one of its most exciting parts… picking and announcing the winners. This contest is growing and we had over 170 entries in the contest this year so picking the winners was no easy task.

Lisa Langell, Lisa Langell Photography (

David Akoubian, Bear Woods Photography (

Thanks to all who entered the contest, for by doing so we can only improve and continue to challenge ourselves to do better.

Visit this link for a video of Lisa and David discussing the 1st Place winners in each category:

Here are the Finalists for each Category:

Found at Oatland Island

1st Place: “Red Shouldered Hawk”, Jackie Bedell

2nd Place: “The Buck Stops Here”, Jamie Anderson

3rd Place: “Eagle Buddies”, Jamie Anderson

Honorable Mention: “Marsh View”, Ruth McCully

Honorable Mention: “Ossabaw Pig”, Lynne Daley

Honorable Mention: “Sleepy Fox”, Morey Gers


1st Place: “Ossabaw”, William Harrell

2nd Place: “Fall in the Coniferous Swamp”, Vivian Lynch

3rd Place: “Woodstorks at Spoonbill Pond”, Gary Bowlick

Honorable Mention: “Dune Patrol”, Donna Taylor

Honorable Mention: “Sandscape with Oyster Catcher”, Bill Lutin

Honorable Mention: “Whirlpool Sunrise”, Jamie Anderson


1st Place: “Milkweed Pod”, Morey Gers

2nd Place: “Spotted Skimmer”, Morey Gers

3rd Place: “Sand”, Nicolette Dunn

Honorable Mention: “Lotus Blossom with Pod”, Jackie Bedell

Honorable Mention: “Namibia Golden Sands”, Bill Lutin

Honorable Mention: “Magnolia Grandifloral’, Jackie Bedell


1st PLACE AND BEST IN SHOW: “Dancing Egrets”, Debbie Staley

2nd Place: “A Pink Party of Three”, Debbie Staley

3rd Place: “Gliding In”, Betty Walden

Honorable Mention: “In the Moss”, Betty Walden

Honorable Mention: “Skimming the Surface”, Bill Lutin

Honorable Mention: “Tricolored in the Cattails”, Jamie Anderson

View all of the winning photos in our Gallery: CLICK HERE (Coming Soon!)


More Helpful Reviews by Lisa Langell:

Review: Wood Duck Takeoff from Horton Pond:  Bill Lutin

Review: Barred Owl – William Harrell

Review: Munching Moss – Robbie Medler

Review: Who’s eating who – Gary Bowlick

Review: What a hug – Maria Fernandez

Review:  Macro Frog – Lynne Daley

Review:  Camelia – Ruth McCully

Review:  Red Clover – William Harrell

Review:  Milkweed – Maria Fernandez

Review:  Dew Drops – Susan Culpepper

Review:  Driftwood in Sand – Nicolette Dunn

Congratulations to the Winners of the First 2022 “Year of the Okefenokee” Photo Contest

Congratulations to the Winners of the First 2022 “Year of the Okefenokee” Photo Contest

Our first of two photo contests for the Year of the Okefenokee has now been completed and the winning images are fantastic! We would like to start by thanking all those who participated. Your participation not only helped the GNPA and GA Sierra Club, it also helped shine a light on the Okefenokee, a true Georgia gem. The images winning first place in each of the four categories are featured above, and below you’ll find a list of all winners in each category. The First through Third Place winners will receive gift cards according to their place as per the contest description. Thanks so much to Amy Gulick for lending us her expertise and talent as our judge. Make sure to keep your camera clicking and your eyes peeled for the Second Okefenokee centered photo contest scheduled for November of this year. The judge for that contest will be renowned nature/conservation photographer, Peter Essick.

The winning images in the Landscape category:

First Place “Setting” by Stephen Weiss

Second Place “Black Water Reflections” by Chris Dahl

Third Place “The Heavens Smile on the Swamp” by Bill Lutin

Honorable Mention “The Golden Hour” by James Squires

The winning images in the Animals category:

First Place “Northern Parula” by Pete Followill

Second Place ” Mama is that You” by Gary Bowlick

Third Place ”Jump” by Stephen Weiss

Honorable Mention “Asp” by Stephen Weiss

Honorable Mention “American Bittern” by Pete Followill

The winning images in the Plants category:

First Place “Swamp Spear Thistle” by Janet Newton

Second Place “Hooded Pitcher Plant 2” by Myrtie Cope

Third Place “Waterlily” by Gary Bowlick

Honorable Mention “Thistle Flower 1” by Jimmy Day

Honorable Mention “Botanical Fractals” Bill Lutin

The winning images in the People in Nature category:

First Place “Tourists?!?!  I LOVE Tourists” by Bill Lutin

Second Place “Paddling Away” by Gary Bowlick

Third Place “Making Waves in the Swamp” by Traci Dickson