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Annual GNPA Coastal Chapter Holiday Photoshoot and Dinner in Savannah

Annual GNPA Coastal Chapter Holiday Photoshoot and Dinner in Savannah

Hope you will join us for our annual holiday field trip downtown Savannah, always decked out beautifully this time of the year. A treat this year as we will be able to enjoy a meal together unlike the last year or so.

Meet at 5pm at Vicki Hardy’s gallery,address below, have a walk to the iconic Forsyth fountain and back for dinner, potentially at Little Duck Diner, or another restaurant in the area. This year we have a small gender neutral gift exchange ($25 or less).

Bring camera and lens of choice, dress for the weather and bring a face mask as some businesses require these to be worn indoors. As always, be cognizant of your surroundings.

This field trip is for paid GNPA members only. For more information on joining the GNPA, visit

I have added a few photos from past images, not representative of those taken during the field trip.

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Shoot and Eat

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Shoot and Eat

Join us for a GNPA field trip to Savannah National Wildlife Refuge as we meander through the 4 mile one way system photographing the unique and varied wildlife and lush landscapes.

Bring camera, varied lens, bottled water, snacks, sunscreen and most importantly, bug spray. Dress appropriately for the day to avoid bugs and sunburn.

Be mindful of where you walk as alligators and snakes are sometimes on the water’s edge and nearby grassy areas.

After a great morning of shooting, we will stop and eat breakfast at the Sunny Side Restaurant in Garden City, Georgia

Field Trips are for Paid GNPA Members Only.

B&W Nature Photography – Landscapes and More- Eric Bowles

B&W Nature Photography – Landscapes and More- Eric Bowles

We know the classic images of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, as well as the modern classics of John Sexton and Vincent Versace. Their black and white images are still striking for their use of light, tone and composition. Early photographers did not have the option of color, digital processing, and the other capabilities we use for image making. How can we build on classic ideas for B&W images using today’s tools?

What is the difference between a black and white image vs. a color image. What gear do you need? How do you learn to “see” in monochrome tones? What camera settings help to optimize your images? What post processing tips can enhance monochrome images? There is a lot more to B&W than reducing saturation or removing the color.

We’ll take a look at some of the legends and modern icons of black and white photography. Then we’ll look at a series of image pairs – the color image and the black and white version of the same scene. Why does black and white work, what makes it successful – or not. Finally, we’ll look at several approaches to B&W conversions using software to help you make great B&W nature photographs with today’s digital equipment.

Bio – Eric Bowles
Eric Bowles is an Atlanta based nature photographer specializing in the southeastern states. Eric is a photo educator providing photo tours, workshops and training both independently and Nikonians Academy. Eric’s work has been exhibited in galleries, purchased by corporate and individual collectors, and published in books and magazines. Eric provides individual instruction for photographers of all skill levels.

Eric’s specialties include landscape, wildlife, macro and close-up photography, as well as infrared image making using modified cameras. He is the director of Nikonians Academy. Eric is a Board member of North American Nature Photography Association and a Board member and President of Georgia Nature Photographers Association. Eric is a frequent visitor and speaker for photography groups throughout Georgia and the Carolinas and co-host of the NANPA Webinar series. For more information about Eric, visit his website at

Images copyright Eric Bowles

This event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.