Current Projects – Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Current Projects – Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Photo by Jenny Burdette, GNPA member.


Fall color is arriving at Georgia’s State Parks and Historic Sites! If you capture some of that marvelous color and would like to put your images to work helping promote and preserve Georgia’s natural treasures, consider donating the use of your photographs to our conservation partner, Friends of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites. The group is known simply as “Friends” to those who are, well, you know … friends. Your images may be used on social media, brochures, pamphlets, membership information, etc., always with full photo credit to you.

Friends is a non-profit group whose mission is to partner with, promote and preserve Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites. If you have photos that you would like to contribute, please contact Jenny Burdette at for directions on how to submit your images.

If you have a favorite state park that you would like to work with to provide photos of events scheduled at that park or historic site,  please contact Jenny Burdette at to volunteer to cover events at a favorite park or simply for more information on how the program works.

Current Projects – Piedmont Park Conservancy

Current Projects – Piedmont Park Conservancy

Contact Clay Fisher at for questions or to request a Model Release Form if you choose to photograph visitors.


2021 Oct / Nov Photo Calendar & Shot List:


Requested Shot List for Fall:

  • General plant images
  • Flora closeups
  • Overall images of trees
  • Trees with fall color
  • Shrubs
  • Perennials
  • Drone photographs

Scheduled weekday shoot:

Saturday shoots:

Open Times Photography Opportunities:

  • Dog Parks – general park area (including dogs)
  • Active Oval skyline
  • Wide views of Oak Hill
  • Group shots – only if people are spread out in Park (must look like people are distancing)
  • People wearing masks
  • Front Lawn
  • Peregrine Point
  • Lake Gazebo
  • Park Drive bridge
  • Active Oval
  • Fall colors (late October)

Specifics plants:  Beautyberry

Always needed:

Diversity in photos (age, ethnicity, attire); Runners, walkers, bikers, skaters, scooters, fishing, sports, picnics, kites, families, bench sitting, all birds, ducks, squirrels, turtles, bugs.

Monuments- there are monuments throughout the park. Once we have these images we can tell a story about them.

Current Projects – Dept of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division

Current Projects – Dept of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division

Help Build the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Photo Library


All GNPA members are invited once again to help the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division fill out their photo library.  Photos are shared on Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division’s social media outlets, website, and other publications.  They want to feature us a Georgia nature photographer!  You will retain copyright to your photos but grant the Wildlife Resources Division a non-exclusive right to use them. The photographer will always be credited when a photo is used.  Submission guidelines are included at the bottom of this post.


Georgia DNR has also offered something really amazing this time around.  They are always welcome to take folks out in the field with their biologists and have us capture field work.  If there is interest, they can email our DNR rep Aubrey Pawlikowski and she will connect them with the appropriate field staff.  This is a wonderful opportunity to photograph some amazing places and also get to see how WRD staff are doing fabulous things for our wildlife and habitat in the State of Georgia.  


GNPA contributed more than 1000 photos to Georgia DNR last year and they are wanting more.  There is no such thing as “too many” photos!  The more we can contribute, the more Georgia DNR can rotate them in and out.  Submissions have really slowed since the pandemic started, so Georgia DNR is looking for some fresh images.  Attached are submission instructions for the GNPA members.


Go through your photo archives or take this opportunity to visit some of Georgia’s wonderful wildlife management and public fishing areas.  Photos may have been taken at any time in Georgia or a habitat that is the same as Georgia’s.  Plants, animals, birds, insects, landscapes, and even recreation are all subjects the Wildlife Resources Division needs.  Here is the WRD Priority Image List that can be used to get an idea of the plants and animals of interest to the Wildlife Resources Division.


In addition to the priority image list linked above, outlined below are a number of immediate photo needs that Georgia DNR has:

  • Habitat types – Especially conservation priority habitats.  Here is the State Wildlife Action Plan breakout that can help you determine where these areas may be.  If there are any questions regarding conservation priority habitats, please feel free to contact Aubrey Pawlikowski at and she will be able to direct you to a biologist who will be able to help you.
  • Hunting – Hunters in hunting situations, but not necessarily with game (at check stations, setup ready to hunt (i.e. such as for turkey) using their calls, headed to hunt locations (i.e. in the woods, in their camo, etc.)’
  • Fishing – Anglers fishing from banks, piers, docks, grouping of family members such as adults with their parents or kids with grandparents.
  • Wildlife photos – Especially deer, bear, fox, coyote, and turkey
    • Bears – bears with cubs, near homes, eating out dumpsters/trash cans, on porches, and in their natural habitat
    • Deer – in backyards, in roadways
    • Young wildlife
    • Coyotes and foxes especially in urban environments
  • Wildlife viewing both in the woods and in their backyard (i.e., people feeding birds, birding, looking at wildflowers, photographing native animals and plants (butterflies, bees, etc.), peering from viewing platforms). Here’s a list of some great places across the state to get these types of photos:
  • Wildlife Management Areas or Public Fishing Areas – Scenic/Landscape photos


GNPA Submissions (2)
Current Projects – Chattahoochee Nature Center

Current Projects – Chattahoochee Nature Center

Education Outreach photo by Dale Aspy, GNPA


Joint GNPA, CNC, and RFAA Contest/Exhibit at the Chattahoochee Nature Center


“2021 Double Vision”


Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) will partner with the Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) and the Roswell Fine Arts Association (RFAA) for the 6th Annual Photo Competition and Exhibit that is to be included as part of the fall Atlanta Celebrates Photography event. The theme is titled Double Vision. Twenty-four (24) images will be selected in the contest to be exhibited in the CNC River Resource Gallery in Roswell, Georgia. These same images will be interpreted by artists from the RFAA. When brought to the CNC for hanging, the photographic image and the artist’s interpretation will be hung side-by-side…thus the theme name Double Vision.


This Contest/Exhibit is open to all members of GNPA. If you are not a GNPA member, join today ( The entry fee for this Contest/Exhibit is $5/image. Entry for the contest will be through the GNPA website. Sign-in to the Member Home page and look for the announcement and link below your member badge.


Images must have been taken in Georgia or contiguous states. There is no restriction on when the photo was taken. Entries can be any nature subject. There are 3 categories for entry: macro, landscape, and wildlife. Full details of the contest are described on the website. Framing specifications are available here. Twelve images will be selected to hang on the Wall using 22” x 28” frames. The twelve images selected for the Grids will use 16” x 20” frames. For questions, contact Kathy Aspy ( ) or Eric Bowles ( )



· Submissions: June 5 – June 27, 2021 (11:59 p.m.)

· June 30, 2021: Photographers with selected photos will be notified.

· September 1, 2021: Framed and matted prints must be delivered.


The Chattahoochee Nature Center is a private, non-profit environmental education facility in Roswell, Georgia. The Chattahoochee Nature Center has as its mission to connect people with nature.  It does this by focusing on educational outreach through the use of live flora and fauna.  The Chattahoochee Nature Center also conducts educational programs and activities to inform its visitors about the natural environment.


Photo by Dale Aspy, GNPA

Get involved!

Georgia Nature Photographers support CNC’s mission by donating photographs of activities at a few specific events at the Chattahoochee Nature Center when requested by them. This provides volunteer photographers a controlled environment with a specific shot list for each occasion to photograph guests

For more information about CNC, including the types of events we provide, how to submit photos or videos, and photo submission guidelines contact GNPA’s partner rep Dale Aspy at


Current Projects – Park Pride

Current Projects – Park Pride

Park Pride is an organization that engages communities all over the Atlanta area to create and improve local parks, activating the power of parks as places for members of the community to gather, play, relax, and connect with nature, encouraging mental and physical health.

Nature Photography Opportunity

One of the conservation partners supported by GNPA is Park Pride, an organization that engages communities all over the Atlanta area to create and improve local parks activate the power of parks. Park Pride has started a couple new initiatives that provide additional opportunities for GNPA support.

  • Park Pride has started a new messaging theme focused on people exploring their backyards and local parks as small havens of natural beauty and environmental stewardship, and Park Pride needs photographs to support this messaging theme. Besides supporting one of our partners, there’s another good reason to jump into this area of photography. GNPA’s Conservation Committee has a number of recommendations on ways that members can enhance the environmental benefit of their own backyards, and this would be a perfect time to do a little ecological enhancement, create your own little nature preserve for photography, and support one of our partners, and do all three at once. If you’d like more information on setting up a backyard “nature preserve,” check out these resources:;
  • Park Pride has also taken a number of short GNPA-provided videos, set them to music, and is sharing them on social media snippets called “Peace of Nature.” Check out a few of them below:



As you can see, these little videos are quite soothing (something we all need nowadays), and Park Pride is very good at identifying both GNPA and the contributing photographer in the media it uses. Doing short videos like these is something that most GNPA photographers can do easily.

Be sure to name the files before submitting them per the file naming protocol, which can be found here: File Naming Standards.

For more information, including how to submit photos or videos, contact