Join The GNPA

One of the most enduring benefits of membership is learning how to better understand nature, and how best to photograph its amazing variations.

To capture a successful image, there are so many choices to make about equipment, software and locations. Not to mention decisions about composition and post-processing. And once you’ve captured the “big picture” you’re aiming for, don’t forget all those little nuances that take a good nature image and make it great.

GNPA is an exciting place to grow your general knowledge and skill level.

Chapter Meetings are FUN

 Membership offers the following opportunities and more:

  • Attending informative monthly meetings organized by seven chapters across Georgia
  • Networking with other photographers with similar interests and skill levels
  • Participating in workshops, local field trips, photo competitions and exhibitions, as well as extended excursions held across the country
  • Joining in the learning and excitement of ourannual EXPO conference
  • Forming relationships with the regional, national and international professionals who sponsor, teach and guide GNPA events.
  • Enjoying discounts and other special offers from our sponsors for equipment, workshops, classes and services

Simply put, GNPA is a place to learn and grow.

We’re a club of photographers who enjoy sharing and helping others experience the same joy and passion we do for capturing nature.

Membership Types


(65 or Under)

(Age 65+)

(Full time student age 18-25)










(2-4 Members of 
Same Household)





(2-4 Members of 
Same Household)




Let’s not forget GNPA’s love of nature.

Most photography in some way includes nature.

Think about it. When traveling or on vacation, most of the photos you’ve taken have in some way reflected nature. Shots in national or state parks, forests, seashores, or of your family vacation house at the beach, in the mountains or the family farm…all have included some elements of nature, if only in their settings and background. You’ve spent a lifetime collecting images of landscapes (sunsets, mountain vistas, beach and wave action, etc), wildlife (fauna), flowers (flora) and legacy structures such as old barns, covered bridges or historic locations.

To be a perfect fit for all that GNPA offers, all you have to bring is a passion for photography. Even if you’ve just bought your first camera or are thinking about buying one, or if the only images you’ve captured so far are of your family, join us.

We welcome photographers of all skill levels and offer something exciting to learn and do, no matter how much experience you’ve had or the subjects that interest you so far.

All Memberships

  • All memberships, except the Lifetime memberships, are for a single year and automatically renew (you may Opt-out of auto renewal at the time of renewal).
  • All members must complete our Member Profile with all information completed accurately; a unique email address is required.
  • To be a member you must be at least 18 years of age at the time you join.  Minors may attend meetings and events with their member parent or guardian.
  • Memberships are for individuals – not companies.

Additional Information for Family Memberships

  • Family membership allows up to 4 individual family members over 18 years of age to join as a group and fully participate.
  • The Primary Member is the lead member and will need to include billing information when joining, but all Family members will have their own Member Profile. All belong under a single billing account.
  • Registration for family members is simplified with the Primary Member able to register all family members for any activity.