Welcome to the new GNPA website

Welcome to the new GNPA website

It’s been a long time coming but we are exited to introduce you to our new membership system and website.  While it’s new, we’re sure you’ll find it a big improvement.

Let’s go through a few steps to help you get started.  Logging in and setting up your profile will take about 10 minutes – but if you want to explore you might take longer.  We’d like you to do three things:

  1. Set up your new password
  2. Log into the membership system
  3. Update your profile

Start with a visit to the new GNPA website – https://www.gnpa.org/

We hope you like the new look.  The menu should be much easier to navigate and find what you need.  The content on the home page will be changing frequently as we share images from winners of the latest competitions and exhibits, and as we have new content from our chapters and as we add new events, workshops and competitions.

You’ll notice that each chapter page has the most current posts from MeetUp so you can get all the information you need right from the GNPA website.

We will be adding many new features and more content through the month, so bear with us while construction is completed.

Logging In

You access all the member only content using just one login which means that you can register for events, trips, workshops and competitions once logged in.  No more multiple logins!

To log in, select “Member Login” at the top right of the page in the green band.  This will take you to the login page for membership where you will.

  1. Enter your email address as your UserName and
  2. Set up a new password for your membership account.

Once you have logged in and set up your new password, you will be taken to your Member Home page.  This is the landing page for all member activity.

Set Up Your Profile

To set up your profile, simply click on My Profile.  Your profile page has a lot of information and that information is used in many places.  It has information about your membership, address, phone and email, photo interests, camera system, and more.  By filling out your profile, when you get ready to enter a competition, sign up for a trip, etc, your information will be pre-filled in saving you time and effort.  At any time, you can click “Edit” and you update your profile.  (Don’t forget to click on Save when you finish.)

There is a lot more so I would encourage you to browse and explore.  Try uploading a few photos to your profile (show off your work!).  Explore the Directory Search and see which other members of your chapter use the same camera system or have similar interests.

We’re just getting started.  More to come!


Eric Bowles
Georgia Nature Photographers Association