GNPA Officers, Board and Committee Chairs

At the June 22, 2019 board meeting, after GNPA general elections were held, the following officers and members at large were installed by unanimous board approval. Chairmen for standing committees were also announced. Please reach out to one of our board officers or members with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

President: Eric Bowles

Vice President: Mary Jo Cox

Secretary: Ken Dunwoody

Treasurer: Susan Burroughs

Past President: Tom Simpson

Website: Chris Dekle

GNPA Board Members At Large

Jimmy Day
Anna DeStefano
Lee Friedman
Tony Madden
Tom Wilson

Committee Chairs

Communications: Anna DeStefano

Expo: Alfie Wace

Membership Chair: Steward Woodard

Chapter Coordinators

The activities of each GNPA chapter are overseen by one or more chapter coordinators.  You can find the current chapter coordinator on each Chapter’s page (under Chapters).

Welcome to the new GNPA website

Welcome to the new GNPA website

It’s been a long time coming but we are exited to introduce you to our new membership system and website.  While it’s new, we’re sure you’ll find it a big improvement.

Let’s go through a few steps to help you get started.  Logging in and setting up your profile will take about 10 minutes – but if you want to explore you might take longer.  We’d like you to do three things:

  1. Set up your new password
  2. Log into the membership system
  3. Update your profile

Start with a visit to the new GNPA website –

We hope you like the new look.  The menu should be much easier to navigate and find what you need.  The content on the home page will be changing frequently as we share images from winners of the latest competitions and exhibits, and as we have new content from our chapters and as we add new events, workshops and competitions.

You’ll notice that each chapter page has the most current posts from MeetUp so you can get all the information you need right from the GNPA website.

We will be adding many new features and more content through the month, so bear with us while construction is completed.

Logging In

You access all the member only content using just one login which means that you can register for events, trips, workshops and competitions once logged in.  No more multiple logins!

To log in, select “Member Login” at the top right of the page in the green band.  This will take you to the login page for membership where you will.

  1. Enter your email address as your UserName and
  2. Set up a new password for your membership account.

Once you have logged in and set up your new password, you will be taken to your Member Home page.  This is the landing page for all member activity.

Set Up Your Profile

To set up your profile, simply click on My Profile.  Your profile page has a lot of information and that information is used in many places.  It has information about your membership, address, phone and email, photo interests, camera system, and more.  By filling out your profile, when you get ready to enter a competition, sign up for a trip, etc, your information will be pre-filled in saving you time and effort.  At any time, you can click “Edit” and you update your profile.  (Don’t forget to click on Save when you finish.)

There is a lot more so I would encourage you to browse and explore.  Try uploading a few photos to your profile (show off your work!).  Explore the Directory Search and see which other members of your chapter use the same camera system or have similar interests.

We’re just getting started.  More to come!


Eric Bowles
Georgia Nature Photographers Association

Contacts – Supported Organizations

Currently supported organizations

Chattahoochee Nature Center             

Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy      

Chattahoochee River Nat. Rec Area     

GA Dept. of Nat. Resources (DNR)
Wildlife Resources Division                  

Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation     

Park Pride                                             

Resources & Important Info.

GNPA has written agreements with our supported organizations that provide important details on each party’s rights and responsibilities. Each of our partners has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that governs the use of these images for the protection of our photographers. These MOUs state, in part:

The parties understand and agree that the submitting photographer retains the copyright to submitted images, and that the non-exclusive license to utilize images submitted by GNPA members as set forth above is limited to your organization’s use for its own promotional and educational materials and programs.

From time to time, in addition to the GNPA services described herein, GNPA photographers may provide your organization with photographs from photographers’ personal portfolios. These photographs may contain the word “Limited Use” in the file name of the photograph. Unless your organization agrees otherwise in writing with the submitting photographer, photographs designated as Limited Use can only be used for the organization’s website, newsletters, social media channels, and printed material including posters, brochures, educational materials, annual reports and event invitations. Without limiting the generality of that limitation, photographs designated as Limited Use cannot be otherwise published, sold, or transferred to third parties.

Your organization agrees to provide notification to GNPA photographer(s) upon your organization’s use of any image(s) submitted to you by GNPA photographers.

Model Releases

When acting at the request of one of our supported organizations, the organization itself will assure that appropriate model releases have been obtained and you can submit photographs of people to the organization without obtaining a model release.

Other Resources


Contacts – Conservation Committee

GNPA’s Conservation Commitee

  • Chairman (Tom Wilson)                       
  • Volunteers (Cheryl Tarr)                      
  • Education (Joe Barranco)                    
  • Newsletter Editor (Marcia Brandes)  

Current Projects

Conservation photography opportunities are currently available to the following organizations.

  • Department of Natural Resources Shot List (See Newsletters for instructions)
  • Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation Shot List
  • Piedmont Park Conservancy Aug. 3, 2019 starting at 7:30 am
  • Shoot the Hooch coming in August

Get involved today!

contact the Conservation Committee’s volunteer coordinator at for more information about these and other opportunities.

Organizations Served

GNPA’s Conservation is proud to have facilitated the contribution of conservation photography to the following organizations.

Chattahoochee Nature Center                Contact:  Dale Aspy

Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy        Contact: Tom Wilson

Chattahoochee River Nat. Rec Area        Contact: Tom Wilson

GA Dept. of Nat. Resources (DNR)
Wildlife Resources Division
                     Contact: John Kelly

Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation       Contact: John Kelly

Park Pride                                                 Contact: Skip Kazmarek

Piedmont Park Conservancy                   Contact: Clay Fisher

Trees Atlanta                                            Contact: Marcia Brandes

Making Your Photographs Matter

The GNPA Conservation Committee was chartered in January, 2018, to fulfill one of GNPA’s core principles.

Our goal is that members become aware of how they can engage in GNPA’s conservation efforts, and to help members develop the skills to make valuable contributions to conservation in Georgia.

What is Conservation Photography?  Conservation photography is defined more by the way it is used than by what it contains. Conservation photography inspires action to protect and conserve the natural world. Within that broad category, almost any kind of photograph can be used for conservation purposes, including the following:

  • Stock photos donated to local nature organizations.
  • Scenics, wildlife, and macro shots of nature that are specifically requested.
  • Images of people enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Photos taken at organization events.
  • Art photos donated for fundraising.
  • Photographers helping educate organizations on how to use and present photos.
Top 20: Essential Camera Accessories [Updated 2019]

Top 20: Essential Camera Accessories [Updated 2019]

Why Are These Essential Camera Accessories?

I have personal experience with every item on this camera accessories list and would recommend them all. I’ve spent a fair bit of money in the past on equipment I didn’t need, so learn from my mistakes and bookmark this list now!
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