September 16, 2017 Annual Shootout Event

2017 09 shootout gnpa team

The annual Shootout competition is coming up on Saturday, September 16th.  This  event is sponsored by the North Georgia Camera Club Council  (NG3C) of which we are a member, and hosted by the Photographic Society of Chattanooga.  The event will be held at a local school in Chattanooga. I am asking you to join us this year for a chance to win prizes for yourself as well as an award for GNPA!

I think everyone who has been  involved in previous shootouts agree that it is a great opportunity for you and other GNPA photographers to have a really fun day, build teamwork and camaraderie, and challenge you to be a better photographer by having to think fast on your feet, be creative, and improve your post processing skills.  Our entry fee is $300, paid for by GNPA. 

GNPA has hosted this event in the past and has won 1st place once and 3rd place two time in competition against about 14 other photography clubs in Georgia and Tennessee.  

If you have not attended this event in the past here is a quick overview:

  • Names are drawn at 8AM for the five topics for the photo competition.  This is the first time anyone knows what the topics will be for the event.
  • Each club (typically)  will break up into  five teams.  We will form a team for each topic. 
  • Each team will head out in the Chattanooga area for a couple of hours to shoot photos that relate to the topic in the most creative way.  
  • Everyone returns by 11 or so to start processing and the team selects their favorite photos, ten for each team.
  • These 10 photos for each topic are submitted by 2 PM by each team.
  • Judging and awarding of prizes follows until about 6 PM.
  • If your photo is selected by the judges for one of the top ten for a category, a value is assigned based on place in the top ten.  If your photo is one of the top three you also are awarded a ribbon and a nice prize.
  • All the scores for each topic are added up and the clubs with the highest scores are also awarded a cash prize and a plaque.

Since we will have to travel couple of hours each way and since the event starts at 8AM you may wish to stay in Chattanooga the night before, not a bad place to be...lots to do, great food, etc. The local club has blocked out some rooms at 4 hotels.  

I need to put together a list of our members who will participate so each can be assigned a number that will be used to track your photos during the Shootout.

Please send me an email if you would like to join us on the 16th of September.  I will be sending out additional information and plans for our strategy to win to those who have an interest.  Also, if you hav any question please let me know. 

This is last year's team.  Hope to have many of you in our team photo next year!!


Tom Simpson