2016-01 The Road To Callaway

“The Road To Callaway” is a Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) photography event that will include all Chapters. Photographers will compete within the chapter they are associated with. There are four categories, Wildlife, Landscape, Macro and Nature as Art. 

Each Chapter will select three photographs for each category that best represents their chapter. Each Chapter will also select a Best in Show from their Chapter.  These thirteen photographs from each Chapter will be on display at the Discovery Center at Callaway Gardens for the summer of 2016.

All submissions will then be judged for a state GNPA title. The Best in Show from each Chapter will compete against each other, as will the other noted four categories. A first, second and third place from each category will be selected for a state GNPA award.

The exhibit is a cooperative agreement between the West Central Georgia Chapter of GNPA and Callaway Gardens.

All Chapters will use the following categories and descriptions in their selection process:


  • Landscape - landscapes may include man made objects but they may not be the primary focus of the photograph and should be kept to 10% of the photographs content. i.e., a photograph of a mountain valley and in the valley there is a farm house or barn. As long as the primary focus is the landscape and not the man made structure the photograph will be accepted.
  • Wildlife - All wildlife photographs must be of wildlife in their natural setting. No photographs will be accepted of domestic animals or those in captivity and under no circumstances should baiting or enticing wildlife be used to capture the photograph. Man made structures in a wildlife photograph will be accepted where these structures support the primary subject i.e.: owls in a barn, birds nesting on the roof of a barn…
  • Macro/Close up. Macrophotography is generally considered as life size (1:1) up to 3 times life size and usually requires special lenses or attachments.  Close-up photography usually is defined as the range of magnification from 1/10 life size to ½ life size and usually can be done with standard lenses. Entries in this category cannot be reentered in another category for this event. 
  • Nature as Art - This category allows the photographer to use objects found in nature to create his/her own expression of art. This includes the use of post processing tools to enhance the photograph. You may blur, layer, infrared, paint… use the tools you desire.

For more information:

For more information regarding your chapter event and a complete set or rules for the main event at Callaway Gardens, please contact your chapter coordinator or:

Billy Watson
GNPA West Central Chapter