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Fabulous Bird Migrations, Amazing Dunes, and Great Night Skies – Bosque del Apache

Bosque Del Apache and Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuges near Socorro, New Mexico is the winter home of thousands of sandhill cranes, snow geese, ducks, many other waterfowl, and wildlife.  This area is home to one of North America’s greatest bird migrations.  There have been over 350 different bird species observed in the refuges, everything from […]


Developing The Final Image – Artistic Stages of Image Enhancement

Online event

Our March 1st meeting will begin at 7PM and will be ZOOM ONLY. Please log in as a member to to sign up for the Zoom meeting. Our speaker will be John Mariana. John is a renowned photographer and popular educator of photography expertise. He has conducted numerous workshops across the United States, Scotland […]

Another Sunrise Shoot on Lake Lanier

Tidwell Park Boat Ramp

Tidwell Park Boat Ramp on Lake Lanier will be our second location to photograph sunrise on Lake Lanier with Russell Adams. On Saturday, March 19, the nearest land in line with the sunrise is 7 miles away, offering a beautiful view of sunrise over the lake. Sunrise on March 19 is at 7:42 AM, so […]

Our Changing Planet

Harris County Community Center

**"In wildness is the preservation of the world." --***Henry David Thoreau* One of the objectives of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association is conservation of the natural world. This program is a conversation on conservation, told through a photo essay by Whit Perry about our changing planet and the perils of climate change. Wildlife photos range […]

How Macro Photography Can Change Your Perception of the World Around You

Online event

**This event is for CURRENT GNPA members.** **This is an ONLINE ONLY GNPA Webinar using Zoom.** To register: 1. go to the GNPA website and login as a member. 2. From your Member Home page scroll down to **WEBINAR AND MEETING SCHEDULE AND REGISTRATION** 3. Click on the registration link that corresponds to this meeting […]

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Presentation-Cheryl Tarr

Oatland Island Wildlife Center

We will be meeting in person as well as on Zoom for our May presentation. Zoom will be available to paid GNPA members for your convenience. We encourage you to attend the meeting live if you are able. Welcome to our speaker for May: Cheryl Tarr! "Do you ever grow weary of photographing things and […]

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

Join us for our June field trip at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park in Augusta, Georgia! Time permitting we will also visit Audubon's Silver Bluff Sanctuary and Brick Pond Park. I hear the possibilities for bird photography in these areas are huge! Dr. Bill Lutin who lives in the area and is an avid bird photographer […]

Outing to Butterflies & Blooms in the Briarpatch

617 N Jefferson Ave

We have visited Butterflies & Blooms in the Briarpatch for some great photography in the past. After consulting with Virginia Linch, the proprietor of the Eatonton butterfly gardens, we are planning on an outing on the morning of Saturday, September 10th. We'll talk more specifics at our September 6th meeting, but we want you to […]

Favorite Florida Birding Hotspots

11336 GA-136

Wildlife photographer Dr Bill Berryman, MD, will present a photo presentation on his favorite bird photography hotspots in Florida at the monthly meeting of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association, Hamilton chapter, in the Harris County Community Center, 7509 SR-116, Hamilton, GA. Visitors are welcome at no charge.