Field Trip: Newman Wetlands Center

Field Trip: Newman Wetlands Center

In October, in lieu of our monthly meeting, join GNPA for a members only field trip to the Newman Wetlands Center. The Newman Wetlands Center, located approximately 20 minutes south of Atlanta, offers a variety of opportunities to photograph the diverse flora and fauna of the southeast wetlands. As we stroll the board walk that circles the wetlands, we will keep an eye out for woodpeckers, songbirds, hawks, herons, wood ducks, turtles, frogs, lizards, and insects of all sorts.

Expect to walk up to 1 mile. Wear comfortable walking shoes. You may want to bring water, snacks, or lunch. Depending on the weather, you may need bug repellant and sun screen.

Equipment: Tripod, multiple lenses from Macro to Wide-Angle to Telephoto. Polarizer or other filters are also recommended.

Remember, as with any field trip, do not leave anything out in your car while on the trails. Keep any possessions in the trunk of your car. And always take a trash bag to pick up and clean while on field trips. Leave only footprints.

Due to liability issues, you must be a current GNPA member to participate in a GNPA fleld trip.
Please be aware that if you have registered on the Meetup site, but have not registered on the official GNPA website, you are not yet a GNPA member.

To join GNPA, go to the GNPA Website to join and register,
Print your Name Badge/Membership Card as identification. We will be checking against the Field Trip Roster. Thanks. Remember, for liability concerns, no guest or non-GNPA members can accompany or register for any field trip events.

Safety first. Nature photography includes inherent risks which all participants must evaluate for themselves as to the safety of any activity based on their personal abilities. Be constantly aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards which could result in injury to you or others. No photograph is worth your health. Do not place yourself in danger.

By registering, you are agreeing to the standard GNPA Warranty and Liability release.



Start:  Monday, October 21st thru Thursday, October 24th

Location: Western North Carolina

Spaces:  6 max



 Leaders:  Oct. 21-24. Horace Hamilton, GNPA

                 Oct. 22. Taylor Barnhill, Appalachian Barn Alliance  

All food, travel, lodging and other expenses are the responsibility of the attendee. Contact info will be shared with all attendees (with your permission) so that you may arrange for carpooling if you wish.

 Description:  The pioneering history of the Appalachians is rapidly disappearing.  GNPA has partnered with the Appalachian Barn Alliance to provide six (6) of our members with an outstanding opportunity to photograph beautiful scenes of several of these historic structures surrounded by peak of the season fall color.

 Day 1:  Horace Hamilton will lead the group in photographing two barns selected to take fullest advantage of late day light, and (hopefully) incorporating a beautiful sunset.

 Day 2:  Taylor Barnhill of the Appalachian Barn Alliance, and an architect with deep knowledge of the structural designs of these barns, will lead a dawn to dusk day of photographing barns along with sharing stories of the barn’s history. Barns will be selected for uniqueness and for the most photogenic settings.  Horace Hamilton will be available to assist with questions on composition, camera settings etc.

 Day 3 and 4:  Horace Hamilton will lead the group on a full dawn to dusk day (Oct. 23) and a half day (Oct. 24) of more barns, farm buildings and abandoned homes.  Each of these locations will be carefully chosen for its uniqueness and to maximize the complement of fall colors with these old structures.  We will conclude with lunch on Thursday Oct. 24.

Bonus:  Attendees will receive a document detailing other photo opportunities including waterfalls, sunrise/sunset opportunities and night skies opportunities. (Moonrise varies but is after midnight from Saturday Oct. 19 through Thursday Oct. 24.) 

Lodging:  Info to be provided by Horace after registration.

Transportation:  Carpooling in North Carolina

Organizer name & email:  Horace Hamilton,

Pricing:  $250 (Paid in full, no deposits)

Cancellation Policy:  No refunds after registration

New Mexico through the photos of Don Williams

Don has been involved in photography off and on since late 1960’s after purchasing a used Voigtlander 35mm rangefinder camera. During the early days he processed in his own darkroom, developing and printing black and white and color photos. After being inactive with photography for a few years, he eventually picked it up again just as the digital age began in earnest.

Don has traveled extensively in the United States and around the world, which has helped him to develop an ability to observe the world around him, and to capture it with photography. He is especially interested in outdoor and nature photography. He has been an active member of GNPA since 2015.

Please remember to bring a couple of black & white images as well as the color version of the same image(s).

How to Edit Your Photos Like a Pro in Lightroom and Photoshop by Matt Kloskowski

How to Edit Your Photos Like a Pro in Lightroom and Photoshop by Matt Kloskowski

Hello GNPA members. Since we didn’t have EXPO and we’re not having meetings, I thought this might be fun.

Matt Kloskowski will give GNPA a webinar, here are the details:

Sign-up Link for everyone: Also found on the GNPA Facebook URL page:

Note the URL may contain other club names, due to some webinars being combined.


In this live webcast with Matt Kloskowski, you’ll learn some great techniques for editing your photos in Lightroom and when to jump over to Photoshop to help out. This will be a late beginner to early intermediate level presentation, but really… it’s just about having some fun with your photos and improving your editing during this time indoors.

1) This is absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up. Each person in the club needs to sign up.
2) This will be recorded but you’ll need to sign up to get the recording (even if you can’t watch live you’ll still get it)
3) Mark your calendars, but the system will automatically send you reminder notifications too.
4) You’ll be able to enter the webcast room about 15-20 minutes before the webcast starts.
5) There will be an area for Q&A once you log in to the live webcast on the day of your webinar.

Matt’s Story

Hey… I’m Matt… And… I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. Well, at least not a working pro, and I never have been. I’m just a guy that likes to shoot, edit – and likes even more to help others do the same.

I’m a Tampa Bay based photography educator who’s day to day job is running this website, and creating courses and presets to help you with photography and photo editing.

I’ve lived in the Tampa Bay area since 1991 and will probably never move (I love the beach!). I have a beautiful wife of 20 years and two sons (18 and 16) who I’m extremely proud of.

Okay next… I’m kind of opening up here about my past a bit. So here goes… For years, being in the photography industry (but not necessarily being a full-time working pro), I really tried to establish myself as a photographer because, well, it seemed like that was the “cool” thing to do.

But I knew people really came to me for my education. And interestingly enough, that’s what I love to do the most…above anything… to teach, educate and help people make great photos.

So a few years ago I decided to own that role, and be very intentional about it. My goal is to bring you the best photo editing tutorials, as well as to help you get better at capturing great photos as well.

Back in 2016, I decided to take owning that role even further and went out on my own here at to help people learn photo editing and photography.

I have ZERO ego attached to my photography and everything attached to my teaching and education. Because of that, I hold nothing back. No secrets, no insider tips that I keep to myself.

In fact, the absolute best thing that I could ever see / hear is that some one who took my course (or watched my videos) becomes better than me. That means I’ve succeeded in my job as an educator, and well… stories like that just make me really happy.

Special Thanks to Lee Friedman, GNPA Alpharetta Chapter Coordinator for setting this up.

Webinar: Macro Photography with David Akoubian

Webinar: Macro Photography with David Akoubian

“Stuck at home? Sorry, too early? Don’t be idle, practice your photographic technique by shooting macro images. In macro everything is magnified and mastering technique will improve your landscape and wildlife photography. Join David as he teaches us the proper techniques of macro photography. He will talk about depth of field, composition and a few creative macro techniques. David will discuss how a macro lens differs from a close focus lens and the advantage of owning a true macro lens. Join us and learn how to get up close and personal to your subject.”
David has been a photographer since 1972 when his father presented him with his first camera, but his career in photography started in 1992. David learned his craft originally as a painter and from his father who shares his love of nature and photography. Early in his career he traveled with, learned from and taught beside some of the masters of nature photography including John Shaw, Art Wolfe, Galen Rowell, Bryan Peterson, Pat O’Hara, and Rod Planck. David has been teaching photography since 1993 in the classroom and leading workshops around the United States, Iceland, and the Galapagos. David currently presents at many camera clubs across Georgia, as well as leading workshops across the United States and Internationally.
David’s clients include, but are not limited to, Coca Cola, PNC Bank, Tamron, Angels on Horseback, the Mountain Conservation Trust of Georgia, Lensbaby, The Nature Conservancy, Scholastic Books, and Gibbs Gardens. His photographs and articles have appeared in publications such as Nature Photographer, Audubon Magazine, Blue Ridge Country, Birder’s World, Outdoor Photographer, Backpacker Magazine, Shutterbug and many local publications. His work has appeared in several feature books, calendars, as well as in instructional guides. David has been designated a Tamron Image Master and Sirui Tripod Ambassador.
Jun 5, 2020 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register at GNPA.ORG:

1. Log into your account (or join if you are not a member)
2. On the Landing page is the link for WEBINAR SCHEDULE AND REGISTRATION
3. Click on the link for this webinar

Captive Wildlife Photography

Captive Wildlife Photography

“Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”
Captive Wildlife Photography with Jeff Milsteen

Don’t have the time or money for an African safari? Or, maybe you just want to practice on some willing and approachable subjects before heading into the wild? Either way, Atlanta is home to a world-class zoo and aquarium where you can shoot — er, photograph — wild animals to your heart’s content! Join us as Jeff Milsteen presents an entertaining and amusing program on photographing captive wildlife.
Although the program will focus primarily on tips and tricks for overcoming the special challenges associated with photographing wild animals in captivity, many of the techniques covered will apply to photographing truly wild animals. Jeff will also spend some time exploring the history and ethics of wildlife photography, captive or otherwise.

Jeff has been an avid photographic enthusiast for over 30 years. He is a past president and five-time Photographer of the Year of the Southeastern Photographic Society. His work has been featured in a number of publications and exhibitions, most recently in a solo exhibition entitled “Shuttered: The Art of Abandoned Places” at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. His work can be seen online at”

This will be an online Zoom event. After you RSVP you will receive the Zoom link to connect.

Mary Presson Roberts-Follow Your Own Path

Mary Presson Roberts-Follow Your Own Path

Follow Your Own Path

Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by images. Technology has made it possible for more and more people to become photographers. With so many images and so many people taking pictures, it is more important than ever to make images that stand out.

In this presentation, Mary will share what she has learned on her path with photography. She will include things that are needed (in addition to gear), ways to approach a new subject, steps you can take to continue to grow as a photographer, and how to produce creative work that will stand out in a crowd.

In sharing steps taken on her path, she hopes to inspire others to make the next steps on their photographic journeys.

Mary Presson Bio


Mary Presson Roberts is an educator and award winning fine art photographer living and working in the Carolinas. She received her B.A. in Elementary Education from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC and her Masters in School Administration from The Citadel, Charleston, SC. Mary has been an educator in the public schools in the Carolinas for thirty-three years and is a published author in the field of education.

Twelve years ago, Mary began really exploring the world through photography. Photography completely transformed her life. It allowed her to go to places she never would have experienced and meet people she never would have met. It added a whole, new dimension to her life.

Although she photographs many subjects, nature photography continues to be a major focus.

Mary is thrilled to now have the opportunity to combine her two passions: teaching and photography as she shares with other photographers by speaking, leading photo tours and photography workshops.

All Photos-Copyright-Mary Presson Roberts

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If I Can, You Can Creative Photography II

If I Can, You Can Creative Photography II

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In Session Two of her Creative Photography workshop series, Anna DeStefano challenges every photographer–no matter their skill level—to capture and process one-of-a-kind images. Nature has long been her muse, whatever and whenever she indulges in camera and lens choice, shooting while visualizing the end result, and processing with targeted techniques that bring her vision to life. Vivid, emotionally resonate images are her trademark—her artist’s voice. What’s yours? And how do you return to that creative well again and again? Join Anna as she shares how if she can do it, you absolutely can, too!