Gwinnett Chapter Location

GNPA Gwinnett Chapter

Meeting Date:

7:00 PM on the 4th Wednesday of each month.


Chapter Coordinator: Stewart Woodard
Secretary: Mikki Root Dillon
Program Coordinator: Vacant, S. Woodard Temp
Field Trip Coordinator: Kip Stahl
Communications Coordinator: John Criminger
Education Coordinator: Anna DeStefano
Competitions/Exhibits Coordinator: Vacant, S. Woodard Temp


The Hudgens, Center for Art and Learning
6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Building #300,
Duluth, GA 30097

Please RSVP for all events.

Hudgens Center for Arts & Learning

For a more accurate location, click here to view the Google map with the location positioned correctly and for driving directions.

What we’re about

The GNPA Gwinnett Chapter is moving to a new location. Beginning June 2021 our new home will be The Hudgens, Center for Art and Learning in Duluth. The Gwinnett Chapter is one of the older GNPA chapters established December 2, 2011.

GNPA is an organization dedicated to helping nature photographers of all skill levels improve their photography, learn and grow, meet other outdoor photographers, participate in great trips and events, help others understand the value of the natural world and give focus to a special area of interest in photography.

Watch for upcoming events and we invite you to visit one of our monthly meetings. We usually meet at 7:00pm, although members begin arriving at 6:30pm to visit and find a good seat. Regular meetings are the 4th Wednesday of each month except Nov & Dec, too many other demands on families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We don’t even try to compete, so we combine those months and have a Christmas Party on the 1st Wednesday of December.

It is our goal to make the Gwinnett Chapter and GNPA as a whole the best nature photography club in the Southeast, and we want you to help guide and mold it into exactly the kind of club you want.

It is simple to join GNPA. Simply go to WWW.GNPA.ORG, select “Join the GNPA” button and follow the instructions.

Join us as a MEMBER of GNPA for nature photography field trips, our annual EXPO conference, workshops, competitions, etc.

If you are not sure, go ahead and register on our Meetup Page. However, some activities such as Field Trips and Competitions are NOT open to non-GNPA Members. PLEASE understand and keep in mind, registering on our Meetup Page does NOT make you an actual GNPA member. You can continue to attend our monthly meetings as a Meetup Visitor and when you are ready….join GNPA at WWW.GNPA.ORG.

We sincerely hope to see you at our next monthly meeting.


For more information about our chapter, visit past Meetup Events, the Photos on the menu.


Shoot the Shooting Stars – Perseids Meteor Shower

Chatham Ave. Beach Access 1811 Chatham Ave, Tybee Island

Come out and shoot the shooting stars! Yes, the Perseids Meteor Shower is the most active meteor shower of the year with 50-75 shooting stars per hour. Capturing them is […]

Oatland Island Wildlife Center Tour

Oatland Island Wildlife Center 711 Sandtown Rd, Savannah

Our Coastal Chapter of the GNPA is very fortunate to have Eric Swanson, Naturalist at Oatland Island Wildlife Center, take us on an early morning tour of the wildlife center. […]

Rob Knight-Tips and Techniques for More Creative Photography

Oatland Island Wildlife Center 711 Sandtown Rd, Savannah

There is more to a great photography than aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.The camera, lens, computer, etc are merely the means to an end. Are you ready to move beyond […]

Improving Composition with Lightroom with Tom Yackley

Online event

This event is for CURRENT GNPA members.This is an ONLINE ONLY GNPA Webinar using Zoom Technologies. You can ONLY REGISTER for this ZOOM webinar from the website. Once registered, […]

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Gainesville Campus

Atlanta Botanical Garden, GAINESVILLE 1911 Sweetbay Dr, Gainesville

Atlanta Botanical Garden, Gainesville | Meet in the main parking lot in front of the Kay & Douglas Ivester Visitor Center. Admission is $10 includes parking. Photo opportunities throughout […]

Dahlonega Butterfly Farm

Dahlonega Butterfly Farm 427 Castleberry Bridge Rd, Dawsonville

The Dahlonega Butterfly Farm ( is a vision for a sustainable future. A future with clean air, fresh water and thriving vegetation. It combines a love for the environment with […]