From the President

From the President

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Eric Bowles, GNPA President

It’s been about six months since Covid-19 forced our organization to shut down chapter meetings and most in-person events. During that time, we’ve been working to reinvent GNPA in ways that will help it thrive in this new world.   

First, we’re updating and improving the GNPA website. When you visit our website (, you’ll find a new home page featuring some terrific images from GNPA members. You’ll also discover a new Blog page, which offers the ability to view current and archived posts from our blogs and newsletters. To make it even more useful, you can search this content by topic or keyword.

In place of chapter meetings, we’ve launched a webinar program using the Zoom platform. At this point we’ve delivered more than a dozen webinars, and those recordings are posted on the Member Home page. One great aspect of this approach is that it allows our members to virtually attend meetings from any chapter in the state, so you never have to miss an interesting speaker or topic. If you can’t watch the live webinar, you can always catch the recorded version at your convenience.  

Meanwhile, we see a lot of members who are eager to get outside and make photographs with other members. Jamie Anderson’s Jekyll Island astrophotography program sold out in just four days and had a waiting list. The Fall Smokies event (November 5-8) already has 50 people registered, but don’t worry, there is plenty of space available. The program has been revised this year to support social distancing and safe travel. Even more trips and programs are in the works, with the emphasis on regional travel. 

Don’t miss these opportunities. To register for events, sign up for webinars, listen to recordings or find out about other member activities, just click on the Member Login on the top right corner of the GNPA home page. After you log in, you’ll see your Member Home page with a list of member-only activities and programs at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your continued support of GNPA.

— Eric Bowles

From the President – Welcome to Your Newsletter

From the President – Welcome to Your Newsletter


Eric Bowles, GNPA President

We are delighted to share with you the first issue of the GNPA newsletter. This is something we have wanted to provide our membership for a long time. The newsletter is intended to deliver valuable, practical information about photography, GNPA and your membership. And, of course, good photos.


We’ve had a great team, headed by Tom Wilson, working to build the GNPA Communications platform. This newsletter is the first big step.  We’re very lucky that Ken Dunwoody has agreed to be the editor of the publication. Ken has a wealth of experience as the editor of a number of outdoors-related magazines. The team also includes Brian Lucy, Stewart Woodard, Chris Dekle and Alfie Wace, all of whom have contributed articles and expertise. Brian is taking on the heavy lifting of leading the development of the newsletter format, layout and design. Our newsletter will feature plenty of member content, so thanks to all of our early contributors. Likewise, thanks to these team members for the hard work required to produce this first edition, and develop a platform for the future.

Raise your hand if you’re going to EXPO next year!

We were extremely disappointed, of course, that the 2020 GNPA Expo was cancelled. In light of Covid-19 and the threat of illness, we really had no choice. But it’s a shame, because Alfie Wace had done a terrific job in building the Expo program at Jekyll Island, and other GNPA members and speakers had put a great deal of effort into the preparations. We had a record number of registrants, a full schedule of sold-out workshops, and a great lineup of speakers. On the bright side, we’re rescheduling that Expo so that it can be held at Jekyll Island next year, and we can deliver the great program we planned – and more.  The new Expo dates are March 25-28, 2021. While this weekend does conflict with Passover and Palm Sunday, the other options all had serious conflicts or booking issues. Villas by the Sea will remain our host venue.


Coastal Chapter Social Distancing Manager

In addition to the Expo, Covid-19 has led to the cancellation of all in-person chapter meetings, at least through May, as well as field trips. However, we are beginning to ramp up a new webinar program that gives us the ability to offer both webinars and virtual chapter meetings. A couple of our chapters are testing these concepts in May, and we hope to develop a program for ongoing webinars that can supplement the chapter meetings. We’re planning to record and archive our webinars, so members will be able to access them later if they can’t attend the live event.


The GNPA Smokies event is still scheduled for this fall, with some minor modifications to support social distancing. The dates are November 5-8, 2020, so put it on your calendar now. Registration will open in a few of months, with Mike Thornton and Tricia Raffensperger leading that event.

In the meantime, stay safe and make your health the top priority. We’ll return to a new normal soon, and hopefully that will involve plenty of photography. Until then, if there is anything you need, don’t forget our good friends at Hunt’s Photo.

Enjoy the newsletter.

Eric Bowles, GNPA President