Making Your Photographs Matter

The GNPA Conservation Committee was chartered in January, 2018, to fulfill one of GNPA’s core principles.

Our goal is that members become aware of how they can engage in GNPA’s conservation efforts, and to help members develop the skills to make valuable contributions to conservation in Georgia.

What is Conservation Photography?  Conservation photography is defined more by the way it is used than by what it contains. Conservation photography inspires action to protect and conserve the natural world. Within that broad category, almost any kind of photograph can be used for conservation purposes, including the following:

  • Stock photos donated to local nature organizations.
  • Scenics, wildlife, and macro shots of nature that are specifically requested.
  • Images of people enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Photos taken at organization events.
  • Art photos donated for fundraising.
  • Photographers helping educate organizations on how to use and present photos.

Organizations Served

GNPA’s Conservation is proud to have facilitated the contribution of conservation photography to the following organizations.

  • Chattahoochee Nature Center                          
  • Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy                  
  • GA Dept of Nat. Resources (DNR)
    Wildlife Resources Division (WRD)           
  • Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation                
  • Park Pride                                                         
  • Piedmont Park Conservancy                            
  • Trees Atlanta                                                    

Current Projects

Conservation photography opportunities are currently available to the following organizations.

Department of Natural Resources Shot List – Download the PDF for full information:  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Spring Submissions for DNR.pdf 

Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation List            Contact John Kelly at 

Park Pride, Green Tie Gala, Sept 19                    Contact Skip  Kazmarek to request more information and/or to volunteer at

Trees Atlanta:

  • November 2nd – Plantlanta

October-November Photo Calendar:


Scheduled weekday shoot:

Saturday shoots:

Open Times Photography Opportunities:


  • Fish Eye photo of Piedmont Avenue or skyline and Park (attempting to show green in a vast city)
  • Sean’s Heart in the Park restaurant (by Pool)
  • Park Drive bridge
  • Northwoods
  • Active oval
  • 12th and 14th street entrances
  • Fall colors
  • Playground
  • Landscapers
  • Six Springs Wetlands
  • Greystone (venue exterior)
  • Front lawn
  • Magnolia hall (venue exterior)
  • Gingko tree
  • Lake shots and Gazebo
  • Dog park
  • Piedmont commons
  • 10th street/ park tavern restaurant

Always needed:

Diversity in photos (age, ethnicity, attire); Runners, walkers, bikers, skaters, scooters, fishing, sports, picnics, kites, families, bench sitting, all birds, ducks, squirrels, turtles, bugs.

To volunteer to photograph contact Marcia Brandes at

Piedmont Park Conservancy:

Open Times: Contact Clay Fisher

Get involved today!

Contact the Conservation Committee’s volunteer coordinator at for more information about these and other opportunities.


Contacts – Conservation Committee

GNPA’s Conservation Commitee

  • Chairman (Tom Wilson)                      
  • Volunteers (Cheryl Tarr)                      
  • Education – Vacant – Need volunteer
  • Newsletter Editor (Marcia Brandes)    
  • Organizations Skip Kazmarek              
  • Member John Kelly                              
  • Member Clay Fisher                             
  • Member Dale Aspy                              


Contacts – Supported Organizations

Currently supported organizations

Chattahoochee Nature Center             

Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy      

Chattahoochee River Nat. Rec Area     

GA Dept. of Nat. Resources (DNR)
Wildlife Resources Division                  

Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation     

Park Pride                                             

Become a Conservation Volunteer

Thanks for helping out!

Please fill out this form, and our conservation committee volunteer coordinator will be in touch soon.

GNPA Conservation Committee Volunteer Signup
Volunteer Form

Resources & Important Info.

GNPA has written agreements with our supported organizations that provide important details on each party’s rights and responsibilities. Each of our partners has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that governs the use of these images for the protection of our photographers. These MOUs state, in part:

The parties understand and agree that the submitting photographer retains the copyright to submitted images, and that the non-exclusive license to utilize images submitted by GNPA members as set forth above is limited to your organization’s use for its own promotional and educational materials and programs.

From time to time, in addition to the GNPA services described herein, GNPA photographers may provide your organization with photographs from photographers’ personal portfolios. These photographs may contain the word “Limited Use” in the file name of the photograph. Unless your organization agrees otherwise in writing with the submitting photographer, photographs designated as Limited Use can only be used for the organization’s website, newsletters, social media channels, and printed material including posters, brochures, educational materials, annual reports and event invitations. Without limiting the generality of that limitation, photographs designated as Limited Use cannot be otherwise published, sold, or transferred to third parties.

Your organization agrees to provide notification to GNPA photographer(s) upon your organization’s use of any image(s) submitted to you by GNPA photographers.

Model Releases

When acting at the request of one of our supported organizations, the organization itself will assure that appropriate model releases have been obtained and you can submit photographs of people to the organization without obtaining a model release.

Other Resources