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Photo by Travis Rhoads

Travis Rhoads, Alpharetta Chapter


In our newsletters, we feature short profiles of GNPA members from across the state. In this issue, it’s Travis Rhoads, from the Alpharetta Chapter.

When did you become a GNPA member?  2018.

What is your occupation?  Architecture Project Manager.

How did you get into photography?  I grew up with photography. My dad always had a film camera with us on family trips. In college I took many photography classes and would have liked to minor in photography.

What are your favorite photography subjects?  I shoot a lot of different things throughout the year – people, sports, architecture, race cars and just about anything in between. But what I enjoy most are the opportunities to immerse myself in nature and work on landscape photography.

What are your favorite places to shoot?  The Great Smoky Mountains are my favorite place in the country. I have been there so many times, yet still manage to find something new every trip. In recent years I have been to many places, and a new favorite is Death Valley National Park.

What would be your photographic “dream trip”?  I have thought about this idea many times and the dream trip changes from time to time. The current dream would be to have a year off to travel the country in an off-road RV, exploring places off the beaten path.

Which camera body and lenses do you use most often?  I currently shoot with a Sony A9 and A1, along with a variety of Sony lenses in focal lengths from 12mm to 400mm.

What are your go-to websites for photography information?  I have always had more success at learning by doing, with trial and lots of errors. YouTube is a great resource anytime I want to learn something new, and I am always watching videos on things I want to do better.

Have any photographers inspired you?  Dan Mitchell, Jennifer Renwick and David Kingham are some of the modern photographers whose work I admire.

What’s your favorite part of belonging to GNPA?  Meeting new people that are passionate about nature photography. I’ve done presentations for most of the chapters and have enjoyed all of them.

Something interesting about you that most people do not know:  I used to take my car to the race track and was a high-performance driving instructor.

Where are you from?  I was born in Kansas, grew up in Texas and moved to Georgia in high school. I’ve been here ever since.

Tell us a little about the photos you have provided: 


My favorite place in the country is the Great Smoky Mountains and this image is one of my all-time favorites. On this occasion I was leading a photography club into the park to shoot sunrise at this iconic location.


Death Valley has become a recent favorite place to wander and explore. On my most recent trip we camped in a van that allowed us to be more remote and photograph in places that are harder to get to.


One of my more memorable trips was my first time visiting Mt Rainier. The fog and weather had the mountain hidden all day, right until sunset when the clouds started to break and a classic photography tale began to take shape