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Photo by Bill White

Website Improvements On The Way


Bill White
GNPA President

It’s 2023, and our GNPA website is getting a makeover.

Based on feedback from members, last May we began researching ways to improve our site. Since then, we’ve identified problem areas and explored ways to make the web site more helpful and easier to use.

Here are some key improvements you’ll find when the web site is updated in February:

  1. Many members had difficulties making changes to their memberships, billing and payments. The new membership management system allows you to quickly and easily upgrade, downgrade and renew, while allowing you to instantly update billing information and your personal profile.


  1. Entering photo competitions was also an issue for some members, and the software required separate payments for each image submitted. Our new system is a specialized, purpose-built photo competition service. It’s simple to use, highly intuitive and provides features to help you submit and manage your entries. We could literally run a worldwide competition with this system!


  1. Beginning in February, all chapter meetings and events will appear on our website in both list and calendar views. Gone will be the problematic use of MeetUp to manage our meetings, register for events and coordinate with our web site. Events, meetings and field trips will be easy to find, and sign up for, with this integrated system.


  1. Previously, members needed to switch between the GNPA site and MemberClicks to find information on events, sign up, locate resources or fill out forms. Now, all the information will be linked together on one site.

In February, your current GNPA registration information will be imported to the new system, simplifying and minimizing the one-time steps when you log in for the first time. Much of the website will look the same as it does now, but there will be some important changes to enhance your experience.

Stand by for emails from GNPA in the next 30 days that will provide more details and sneak previews.

Here are some other items of note this month:

  • January is a great time of year to take photographs of woodpeckers, sandhill cranes in Tennessee, and bald eagles at Berry College in Rome and at West Point Lake Dam. Move quickly on those sandhill cranes, though – they will be gone by late January.
  • I’m happy to report that GNPA continues to grow and add new members. Our organization is also in a good position financially.
  • The annual GNPA elections for board members are coming up in March. If you are interested in serving our membership, please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact the nominating committee through Vice President Doug Flor.
  • Would you like the opportunity to display one or two of your best nature photographs at the Chattahoochee Nature Center or the Hudgins Center in Gwinnett? Watch for announcements soon for your chance to submit photographs for consideration.
  • Our Programs Committee continues to provide us with great Zoom programs, featuring some of the top outdoor photographers in the Southeast and beyond. Members can access past programs at, where you can also sign up for new monthly presentations throughout 2023. These are a great way to learn new photographic techniques that can help you elevate your own photography.

We’re in the midst of planning our annual Expo event, scheduled for April 2023. This year, it will feature virtual speakers along with guided outdoor field trips across the state. We will have more details in late January.

See you in the field.

— Bill