Alpharetta Chapter: Lee Friedman

Coastal Chapter:  Jamie Anderson (912) 344-4851

Co-Coordinator: Lynne Daley

Event Organizer/Planner: Lesley Fields-Merrill

Decatur Chapter: Cheryl Tarr

Chapter Co-Coordinator: Emil Powell

Griffin Chapter: David Shively and Neal McEwen

Communications Chair: Mary Stiles

Gwinnett Chapter: Stewart Woodard

Secretary: Mikki Root Dillon

Program Coordinator: Vacant, S. Woodard Temp

Field Trip Coordinator: Jenny Burdette

Communications Coordinator: John Criminger

Education Coordinator: Anna DeStefano

Competitions/Exhibits Coordinator: Vacant, S. Woodard Temp

Hamilton Chapter: Whit Perry

Roswell Chapter: Kathy and Dale Aspy

Smyrna Chapter: Stewart Roach

Chapter Co-Coordinator: Jen Ludlum