Photo by Bill White


Moving Ahead for 2021


Bill White
GNPA President

With a new slate of officers from the recent GNPA elections, our organization is now putting together plans for 2021 and beyond. Based on the new Covid guidelines for vaccinated individuals released this month by the CDC, we hope to resume in-person meetings in the fall, if not sooner for some chapters, such as Coastal.

At this moment, we’re in the evaluation and planning stages for a virtual Expo to be held later this year. We’re looking at virtual programs and speakers, combined with outdoor field trips across the state. To help us accomplish this, please fill out the Expo survey on the Member page of our website (go to and sign in. Or click on this link to take the survey) so that we know the type of speakers you want to hear. Plus, if you are interested in helping develop our Expo concept, please contact me or Lee Friedman.

Our annual fall trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee is currently planned for November 4-7, 2021. This is a great trip with many different photographic opportunities. Over the years I have photographed wildlife including bears, deer, elk, birds and coyotes as well as incredible sunrises, sunsets, mountain streams and the famous troll bridge. Like the Expo, guest speakers will be featured.

At its last meeting, the GNPA board approved a programs committee. This group will be responsible for selecting some nationally known speakers to address GNPA members this summer and fall, supplementing our current speaker lineup. The first of these new speakers is scheduled for May 25. If you have suggestions for certain speakers you’d like to hear, please send your ideas to Lee Friedman.

Meanwhile, we have scheduled the 2022 Expo for Jekyll Island on April 7-10. Based on the latest Covid trends and health guidelines, it’s looking good for a more traditional Expo next year.

We’re fortunate to have many talented volunteers committed to making GNPA a great organization for our members. Without those volunteers, we simply couldn’t do many of the things that make our group special. If you are interested in contributing in any way, please let us know. We are always looking for volunteers, especially with membership, field trips and chapter meetings. Be sure to contact your local chapter coordinator if you have ideas or can lend a hand.

—Bill White