Robbie Medler, Coastal Chapter

In our newsletters, we feature short profiles of GNPA members from across the state. This month, it’s Robbie Medler from the Coastal Chapter.

When did you join GNPA?

January 2017

What’s your occupation?  

I’m a retired teacher.

How did you get into photography?

After our sons went off to school, taking their toys with them, I started watching the birds in my backyard and began taking photos of them, and went from there. I still love taking backyard photos of all things nature-related.

What are your favorite photography subjects?

Birds, insects, flowers, landscapes – anything to do with nature. And now a grandson, too!

What are your favorite places to shoot?

Anywhere outdoors, but I love wildlife refuges and parks, and of course my backyard.

What would be your photographic “dream trip?”

So many to dream about. Maybe Alaska and photographing bears.

Which camera and lenses do you use most often?

I have a Canon body and I use the 400mm and 100mm Macro lenses, along with a couple of wide-angle lenses.

What are your go-to websites for photography information?

I honestly don’t have a go-to website. I Google a lot!

What’s your favorite part of belonging to GNPA?

The members. Everyone has been so kind and forthcoming with their knowledge. I have learned so much, and I’ve been so inspired by the members, photographers and others.

Where are you from?

My dad was in the Air Force, so we lived many places, finally settling here in Georgia.

Ibises Morning Bath. Photo by Robbie Medler.

Life in the Flowers. Photo by Robbie Medler.

Oatland. Photo by Robbie Medler.