Sophie DeBacker, Roswell Chapter

In our newsletters, we feature short profiles of GNPA members from across the state. This month, it’s Sophie DeBacker from the Roswell Chapter.

When did you join GNPA?

Some years ago, haha! I don’t remember exactly, around 5-6 years ago, I think.

What’s your occupation? 

I am a Jewelry Artist.

How did you get into photography?

My dad put a camera in my hands when I was 13 because I was bored. I took pictures on and off for a long time, but only became really passionate after moving here in 2009 and seeing all the new and wonderful birds that were around.

What are your favorite photography subjects?

Birds for sure! But I also like anything else nature-related – flowers and macro photography, and other animals.

What are your favorite places to shoot?

My backyard, but also anywhere I can observe and learn more about wildlife.

What would be your photographic “dream trip?”

Australia and South America. They have such beautiful and colorful birds!

Which camera and lenses do you use most often?

Canon 5DIII with a 300L F2.8

What are your go-to websites for photography information?

I don’t really visit photography websites unless I have a specific question I need answered.

Have any photographers inspired you?

Not specifically. It is more about the emotion, mood, color and composition of a photograph. I do like Marina Cano; she is a wonderful wildlife photographer.

What’s your favorite part of belonging to GNPA?

Being able to share my passion with other people with the same interest. GNPA has some wonderful members and talented photographers!

Something about you most people don’t know:

I love dancing, and I won the European Championship of Line Dance in 2005.

Where are you from?

Belgium, Europe


‘I didn’t do it!’ Male Northern Flicker snacking in dogwood tree. Photo by Sophie DeBacker.

‘Fly-Through’ American Robin taking off with a berry. Photo by Sophie DeBacker.







‘Farniente’ Baby Barred Owl relaxing in the afternoon sun. Photo by Sophie DeBacker.