Photo by Eric Bowles

Get Involved in GNPA

Eric Bowles, GNPA President

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to put 2020 behind me. GNPA has had a pretty good year, but it certainly had its challenges. We’re looking forward to better times in 2021 and beyond. As a result of cancelling the Expo and chapter meetings, GNPA revenue is down for 2020. But we were able to successfully trim insurance, rent and other charges, so we had a small surplus for the year. Our financial position is solid and we are moving forward.

Meanwhile, we’re starting to work on the annual election of officers and board members for GNPA.  This process is how we select the leaders to represent you and guide the strategy of GNPA. If you have an interest in becoming more involved, be sure to let us know. We’re especially looking for people with experience on other boards, or with relevant professional skills. We are lucky to have a lot of very talented business people involved in GNPA, and those professional backgrounds are very helpful.

We also need to help rotate some of the chapter coordinators out of their current role and into other positions within the organization. The chapter coordinator, co-coordinator and other leaders of our local chapters are critical to our member experience. Of course, the job of chapter coordinator is a lot easier when we have a team of people working together, and it’s another good way for members to get involved. We always are looking for people to help with membership, lead or coordinate field trips, plan chapter meetings and support communication (Meetup scheduling, email reminders, announcements, etc.). Many hands make light work, and it’s member involvement that makes our chapters successful and prevents great volunteers from feeling burned out. Please contact your chapter coordinator if you are willing to help out.

Finally, we have made the decision to cancel the Expo 2021 due to the ongoing risks associated with Covid-19. We have confirmed the dates and signed a contrast to hold the 2022 Expo at Jekyll Island on April 7-10, 2022. We hope it will be a more traditional Expo with some much needed in-person events. We do have a team of members working on a possible Virtual Expo later in 2021, and if you are interested in helping plan this concept, please let me know. We would like to have some input from members who have attended virtual conferences in the past. We are still planning to hold the Smokies event in November, 2021.

Thanks again for your continued support of GNPA.