Park Pride is an organization that engages communities all over the Atlanta area to create and improve local parks, activating the power of parks as places for members of the community to gather, play, relax, and connect with nature, encouraging mental and physical health.

Nature Photography Opportunity

One of the conservation partners supported by GNPA is Park Pride, an organization that engages communities all over the Atlanta area to create and improve local parks activate the power of parks. Park Pride has started a couple new initiatives that provide additional opportunities for GNPA support.

  • Park Pride has started a new messaging theme focused on people exploring their backyards and local parks as small havens of natural beauty and environmental stewardship, and Park Pride needs photographs to support this messaging theme. Besides supporting one of our partners, there’s another good reason to jump into this area of photography. GNPA’s Conservation Committee has a number of recommendations on ways that members can enhance the environmental benefit of their own backyards, and this would be a perfect time to do a little ecological enhancement, create your own little nature preserve for photography, and support one of our partners, and do all three at once. If you’d like more information on setting up a backyard “nature preserve,” check out these resources:;
  • Park Pride has also taken a number of short GNPA-provided videos, set them to music, and is sharing them on social media snippets called “Peace of Nature.” Check out a few of them below:



As you can see, these little videos are quite soothing (something we all need nowadays), and Park Pride is very good at identifying both GNPA and the contributing photographer in the media it uses. Doing short videos like these is something that most GNPA photographers can do easily.

Be sure to name the files before submitting them per the file naming protocol, which can be found here: File Naming Standards.

For more information, including how to submit photos or videos, contact