The Annual Smokies Weekend Photo Competition is over.
There were over 144 entries this year, here is the breakdown:
Here is the breakdown:

  • Wildlife: 32
  • Landscape: 74
  • Macro/Closeup: 42
  • Total: 144

and here are the winners:

Landscape (Judge: Jamie Anderson)

  • First Place Steve Layman: Maple Splash
  • Second Place Jimmy Day: Tremont
  • Third Place Dianne Walters: Amazing Grace
  • 1ST HM Edward Borosky: Smokies
  • 2ND HM Carolyn Collmer: Parkway Sunset
  • 3RD HM Lee Friedman: The Gathering

Macro/Closeup (Judge: Cheryl Tarr)

  • First place Lee Friedman: Leaf Litter
  • Second place Kenneth Gosden: Leaf2
  • Third place Carolyn Collmer: River Abstract
  • 1ST HM Kenneth Gosden: BigCreek
  • 2ND HM Carolyn Collmer: Nature at Work
  • 3RD HM Travis Rhoads: FallBokeh

Wildlife (Judge: Larry Winslett)

  • 1ST Place Anna DeStefano:  Pretty Mama
  • 2ND Place Traci Dickson: Field Sparrow
  • 3RD Place David Shively: Do You Mind
  • HM Don Williams: Jaw Breaker

Here is the link to see the winners: WINNERS

Here is the link to see all the photos: ANNUAL SMOKIES PHOTO COMPETITION