Each year, when your GNPA membership is about to expire, you’ll receive an email renewal notice. You can use that email to renew your membership, and/or change your membership category. We encourage you to use the link in the email to renew, rather than going directly to your Member Page.

The email you receive should look similar to this, with your invoice attached:

Just click the ‘Click here to view this invoice’ link at the bottom and you will see your complete renewal invoice, with the invoice number, invoice date, amount due and membership category.

If you agree with all this information, click on the first grey PAY button (circled in red) toward the bottom of the example invoice shown to the left.  That should complete your renewal.

However, you may want to change your membership category, or have questions about the information in the invoice. Perhaps it’s about your expiration date, or you want to upgrade to a Lifetime or Family membership. In that case, save and forward your email to membership@GNPA.org with an explanation of what you’d like to change. We will get back to you as soon as possible and assist with making any corrections or changes.

When your renewal is processed, you will receive an email stating your renewal has been successful.  If there is a problem with your credit card information, a similar email will be sent stating your credit card was declined or failed to process correctly.

Should you receive a notice that your credit card was declined, and you believe it should not have been, please forward your email to membership@GNPA.org with an explanation of the issue. We will reply as soon as possible and assist you with completing the process.

Once your membership is renewed, we recommend you log into the GNPA website using your username and password.

When logged in, you have access to the GNPA home page and member home page (see image to the right). At this point you can view your Member Landing Page.

(This is also where you can register for any current open activities or field trips. These notices change frequently, so check often to find new activities or trips).

Now, go to your Member Profile to verify that your membership status has been updated to “active,” and your expiration date has been extended out one year.

Just below the name badge that shows your name, chapter and membership type, select My Profile (circled in red above). This is where you can view, update or change any information about your membership.


We suggest checking your profile to confirm your new expiration date, member type and status, email preference and chapter affiliation.

If you have any questions or issues with your Member Profile, please send an email to membership@GNPA.org with your question. We will answer your questions and help you make any corrections.

We hope these instructions will make your next renewal quick and easy.