Brian Lucy, GNPA Conservation Communications Chair

This week’s post features the winner’s from the Landscape category.

“Landscape photography is the art of capturing pictures of nature and the outdoors in a way that brings viewers into the scene. From grand landscapes to intimate details, the best photos demonstrate the photographer’s own connection to nature and capture the essence of the world.”  –

Week 2 – Landscape Category

1st Place – Art Stiles

“Fishing at Marben PFA” by Art Stiles

Camera:           Nikon D700
Lens:                Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 ED VR II
Focal Length:   185mm
Aperture:          f/8
Exposure:        1/30
ISO:                 200
Location:          Mansfield, GA
Date:                Nov 10, 2017  8:45AM

During our monthly, now Zoom-held, Conservation Committee meeting we were discussing how this series of blogs is a great way to highlight the winning entries from the winter project.  After about ten minutes talking about the winners Tom Wilson reminded us that while showcasing the top shots is important that the real win was hundreds of photos that GNPA was able to provide our conservation partner.  

Week 2 – Landscape Category

2nd Place – Jenny Burdette

“Boat at Sunrise” by Jenny Burdette

Camera:           Nikon D610
Lens:                Nikkor 28-300mm
Focal Length:   62mm
Aperture:          f/13
Exposure:        1/320
ISO:                 1250
Location:          Bryan County, Fort McAllister Park, GA
Date:                July 7, 2015 6:40AM

“The Wildlife Resources Division is so thankful for the Georgia Nature Photographers’ Association and the special partnership we’ve built. By providing beautiful Georgia-based photos, photographers are able help the agency spread the message of conservation while also showcasing the talented residents of the state of Georgia.”   Aubrey Pawlikowski, Assistant Manager for Public Affairs, Communications & Marketing

Week 2 – Landscape Category

3rd Place – Joseph Kovarik

Camera:           Nikon D800
Lens:                Nikkor 16-35mm AF-S F/4G ED VR
Focal Length:   22mm
Aperture:          f/11
Exposure:        3 sec
ISO:                 100
Location:          Dick’s Creek Waterfalls, Cleveland, GA
Date:                July 7, 2015 6:40AM

Now is a great time to go through your photo library to find pictures to share with our conservation partners,  The conservation page in the GNPA website has list of active requests for photos for you to select from.  

To learn more about the GNPA conservation group email us at