On April 4th, be among the 1,000 volunteers who will help preserve the natural resource we affectionately call ‘The Hooch.’ Volunteers will walk and wade along the banks of the Chattahoochee River — and even paddle the river — at over 40 locations covering 100 miles of the river, with the purpose of cleaning up trash and debris. This event is a huge benefit to the River and to all of Georgia. For the 3rd year now, photographers from GNPA are being asked to document this fantastic event and provide photographs to help conserve this shining ribbon of life that winds through our state.
This year’s GNPA coordinator for Sweep the Hooch will be Cheryl Tarr.  Please contact Cheryl at cons_volunteers@gnpa.org to sign up as a participating photographer.  We will coordinate where you photograph as well as submission of images to the Sweep the Hooch organization.
Here is a link to the ‘Sweep the Hooch’ web site:
Here is a link to the sites, and whether they are appropriate for walkers, waders or paddlers – we will work with both you and the organizers to select a site that meets everyone’s needs. The preference is for Metro Atlanta so that photographers can easily visit multiple sites, but if there is a site closer to you that you would like to visit, please go ahead and focus on that site.
Although this event overlaps GNPA Expo, we are hoping to have a sufficient number of photographers to meet the need for images to include in the organization’s promotional materials (web site and printed brochures, etc.).
Thank you for your involvement in preserving the natural beauty of Georgia!