How to Update or Change Your Membership


Less than a year ago, GNPA’s website migrated to a new MemberClicks database. We were outgrowing the existing system, and our expanding database simply required better functionality. The goal was, and remains, being able to provide more for our members.

Much of the behind-the-scenes work on our database was geared toward creating an easier registration and more robust member experience at the April Expo. But since the COVID-19 situation forced the cancellation of this year’s event, the full utilization of those improvements will have to wait until 2021. Meanwhile, we’ve begun using the new system for photography competitions, and to help create more content for the website.

In our previous newsletter, we provided step-by-step tips for renewing your annual GNPA membership within the new system. This time, we’ll explain how to log in to the member page, view your profile and add or make changes to your profile. This will make it easier to understand the new system, and to use all the benefits of your GNPA membership. (When you receive an email notice that your membership is expiring, you can renew online. However, changing from an individual to a family-type membership remains somewhat complicated, so in that particular case please contact someone on the Membership Committee for assistance.)

So let’s get started. Log into the website at, where the first screen you will see is the landing page (left screenshot). Scroll down to see other information before attempting to log in. Clicking on the Member Login (circled in red), will take you to the next page (right screenshot).

If you have never logged in before, use your existing email address as the Username or click on Retrieve Username to confirm your Username (see below). Enter your email address and your Username will be emailed to you.








Next, click on Reset Password to enter a new password (see below). Enter your email address and follow the instructions from the email you received.

NOTE: Any previous passwords from our old system will NOT work.









With your username and password, you can log in to the GNPA system (see below). Either of the two areas circled will work.


Now that you have successfully logged in, you have access to the full GNPA system (see below).

At this point you can view and update your Member Profile. This is also where you can register for any Current Open Activities or Field Trips. These areas are dynamic and will be updated, so check often to see new listings.

Here’s how to navigate the Member Profile section:

Just below the name badge with you name, chapter and membership type, select My Profile (circled in red) to go to the Member Profile Attributes. This is where you update or change pertinent information about your membership.




Here you can see what Attributes of your membership have been selected.

To make any changes or view additional information not shown, you must first click the grey EDIT Button (see left).

This will reveal all available Attributes, whether selected or not.


You should now see the expanded screen (at rt) with all Attributes and selections. Each Member Profile has 14 built-in Attributes and 12 custom Attributes.

You should now also see these 2 buttons (see right).

Scroll down to see all the selections available. Most important are your contact fields, camera system, primary chapter, emergency contact information, photography experience level and photography interests.

Just go through your Member Profile and verify or update any of the member Attributes not already selected.

The Attribute labeled Organization is a GNPA naming convention used to identify our family memberships, based on a family last name. It is NOT actually an organization, so please do not change anything already entered here.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once all your selections are made, click the green SAVE button.          If you forget to do so, none of your changes will be saved and you will need to start over.

If you have questions or issues with your Member Profile, please send an email to with an explanation of the question or issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you in making any corrections or upgrades to your membership.


We hope this has been helpful. Thank you.

— Stewart Woodard